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Parting Qs for Hawk Carlisle?

Steve Davies

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Will his successor institute "Cross Dressing Day" for field grade and above, to better understand our military members that serve under a different gender?

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How does Gen Carlisle feel about 15 year UPT commitments?

What are his views on the pilot shortage and retention?

What does he think about new squadrons being infused with a bunch of new, inexperienced Lts while the experienced members of the SQ leave for what they view as better opportunities, and is ACC (or any other MAJCOMs facing the same issues) doing anything to lead turn issues that might arise from this overall lack of experience?

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One main question and follow on one branching from that...

Why put so many core functions / missions of the AF into one MAJCOM (ACC)?  

Does he believe that one MAJCOM can be responsible for so many different missions, aircraft, systems, etc... and truly allocate resources appropriately when less "sexy" missions like JSTARS, AWACS, RPAs, etc... have to exist in the same MAJCOM with high visibility "silver bullet" or TBTF programs like the F-35?


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Here is the question I've asked every GO I could the past few years, provided the forum was amenable to such discussions.  I've racked up several blank stares and uncomfortable shrugs, followed by platitudes about my generations hard work.  Nothing substantive.  Anyway, lastest iteration pasted below (I modify it slightly depending on venue, but the core is the same): 

"Recently General Thomas, commander of US special operations command, expressed his assessment that the United States is "losing across the board" in our worldwide campaign against al Qaeda and the Islamic state.  Currently, the preponderance of our nations kinetic activity against these groups is prosecuted by the US Air Force.  We are fighting, but we aren't winning.  In your opinion, why?"

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On 1/31/2017 at 4:57 PM, Steve Davies said:


I am interviewing Gen "Hawk" Carlisle, ACC CC, next week. He retires this Spring.

Any questions you think I should put to him?

So?  How did it go?  When will we see the published results?

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