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Studying for AFOQT


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Some thoughts: work hard in college, don't be an Art History major (technical knowledge helps), learn about flying (take a few instructional flights if possible), take the FAA private pilot ground school course, keep your knowledge of basic arithmetic (pencil and paper, not with a calculator...they don't let you use one on the test), keep up with basic physics, chemistry, algebra, and geometry, read a lot...it will help with word association. Don't worry about the actual test until six months before you take it; Do worry about the basic math and science and aircraft knowledge as you go through college.

Finally, if you have a hot date some night or could study for the test...take the date option!!

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Just took the AFOQT, and the advice HiFlyer gave you is spot on. 

Enjoy college, get involved with different groups (Frats, club sports, etc.) developing life skills and learning to network is the biggest advantage college can give you. I'm sure there will be a local mom and pop airport near you, try and get a job at the FBO. Get around aviation in general, there is a lot to it most people are not aware of and it can eye opeing. 

Good luck.

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There are AFOQT study books much like the SAT study books, helpful and about $20, your Det will likely have some you can borrow. Buy a Jeppison PPL book. You can get it used on amazon for $5. It will help with the pilot section and much later down the road the IFS academics are almost word for word from the book. (Several years ago at least). You can take the AFOQT twice, but you have to wait 6 months for the retake, just like your TBAS. Make sure you leave yourself enough time before your rated package is due. (Again, dated info but use to be put in over winter break of your junior year) 


Unrelated, but fyi, their are a shit ton of hot hipster girls in art history, and you will study significantly less (and drink much more) than your tech friends  


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