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Look up Undergraduate  Flying Training Guidebook and download the full pdf. You have to open it as a downloaded pdf(not in a browser) and you have to have excel. When you open it in Adobe there should be tabs on the left where you can open the attachments. One of the excel books has the information you are asking about how you apply as either civilian/prior service and prior service officer vs enlisted.  As far as when the next board is that information I do not know. 

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Sending this out incase anyone is interested or knows of anyone interested in this. I'm currently at UPT having a ton of fun, learning a lot, and I was a sponsored AFRC student, however now I'm an unsponsored AFRC student. I'm looking at various AFRC units, however there's a few Guard units too that I'm really interested in. AFRC has a policy that allows an unsponsored student to transfer to the Guard if both said Guard unit and AFRC agree and keep the same Reserve Service Commitment (no problem on my end for keeping the commitment after getting winged). However, I was told it may help to find someone who is going the Guard UPT route that would like to switch to the AFRC route in order to have more of a swap within the Total Force. It's a shot in the dark, but this is one of the best places I can think of to ask this. Any insight would be appreciated!

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