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Is my OTS Pilot Application Packet Competitive?

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Good Day Everyone,

I am currently awaiting the 16OT04 Rated board which is meeting today. I am hoping to get a pilot slot. I just wanted to get your opinions on my chances as I am strong in some areas but weak in others.

Embry Riddle Graduate

BA of science in Professional Aeronautics - 2.92 GPA

AFOQT PILOT 81, Nav 81 

PCSM - 95

Private Pilot License - 101 Hours

Consistent Work Experience to include Managerial experience.

27years old... 3 siblings in the Air Force.... with 20, 14, and 12 years respectively  (I only mention because the interviewer was happy with that info)

Clean record and so forth, passed the MEPS physical.

What do you guys think my odds are?

I put down all 4 options on the application but am hopeful of a pilot slot.

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First, it's almost impossible to predict success because so many of the board's criteria are somewhat subjective and the AF's needs constantly change, which impacts what the board is looking for.  With that said, your stats are pretty good.  GPA is a little low (below average, but not out of the envelope) but that's not a killer.  PPL and hours will help, as will the PCSM.  So, I'd say chances are average to better than average, but no guarantees.  Also when you say "chances", remember that there's a numbers game in that definition...how many do they need when that board meets vs. how many apply on that particular board.  That relationship can have a major impact on selection rate.  Good luck.

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Thanks for the feedback and the quick reply. I will be anxiously awaiting the results as I am sure everyone will. I just hope the GPA doesn'the shoot me down... I was young and stupid while letting my grades slip. I recovered as much as possible by graduation, but still the weakest area of packet.

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28 minutes ago, FishBowl said:

Just apply. The worst they can say is "no."


Your application may be very competitive this board and not even close to competitive the next one. Better to try and get told no than not try and be left wondering what might have been.

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