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FY 15 Force Management Program (RIF, VSP, TERA)

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I know someone with last name K who got approved. Not sure his AFSC, but he was a T-6 FAIP to C-130s at Pope to KC-135s at SJ guy. Barely got C-130 qual'd before that unit shut down, and now he's barely been qual'd in the KC-135 before his VSP approved...

I thought he was screwing with everyone when he said he was approved…good for him, though.

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The odd thing is the updated VOL matrix still has my YG/AFSC in blue, though the RIF matrix has it grayed out. I'm seeking clarification as to what that means. I'm really disappointed by the denial, but I'm going to keep trying to find ways out without burning bridges (i.e. failing PT tests).

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