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51 minutes ago, CubeWarrior said:

Can anyone give info on applying to 457FS? I emailed Lt Col Goldsberry but never heard back. Should still be able get the app in if someone can just let me know whats required and where to send it.

same situation for me, haven't heard back at all either!

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Does anyone know if the AFRC UFT boards are not taking unsponsored applicants anymore? I heard that was the case for the board taking place this month. Is that the plan for the foreseeable future or is there a chance unsponsored applicants will be able to apply again in the near future?

Also, I read on here a while back that age waivers probably aren't a thing for unsponsored applicants, but to "try anyway". Can anyone speak to this? I turn 29 next month and already have a MEPS physical, IFCI physical, and my security clearance investigation was initiated almost a year ago, so I figure those things could theoretically get me orders to OTS/MFS/IFT/UPT sooner than someone without, but of course the uncertainty of the fate of unsponsored boards + UPT backups mean that I'd probably need a waiver.

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@mb1685  The march board did not take unsponsored. The one in may should take unsponsored again but if you get selected you will be put "backup" list and will not go to upt until you get a unit to sponsor you. This is per the january board release message. As far as waivers, AFRC said they will not take anybody needing a waiver unsponsored. If you want the contact info for the guys running the board at AFRC let me know and I can send it to you.

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