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2 hours ago, TaleMediocre said:

Just got a call from them, sounds like they should be calling everyone this afternoon/evening.

Just received an invitation to interview! Hopefully you got one too, if so, see ya there!

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2 hours ago, NotApilot said:

Anyone who interviewed with the 102nd RQS heard anything? I also haven't heard anything from the 101st 

Someone posted in the BogiDope Facebook group they got picked up as a CSO so I’m assuming they’ve notified the people they selected

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1 hour ago, NotApilot said:

Ah yeah, heard today I wasn't selected. On to the next! What BogiDope group are you talking about, do you have a link by chance? 

Selected to what board 102nd or 101st?

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On 7/25/2021 at 4:56 PM, E3Eng said:

Anyone hear anything from the 21-06 AFRC board? Im guessing results will be out this week, but thought id see if I was just out of the loop!


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Did anyone apply to the 328th ARS or the 129th RQW? I didn’t get a confirmation from the 328th and I submitted late to the 129th so I probably won’t be considered unfortunately.. 

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