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The Passing of Rich Hauben, Founder of Baseops.net

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Today would have been Rich's 43rd birthday.  Raise a glass to a warrior and great man, gentlemen... 'Till Valhalla, my friend! Cheers!  M2

Three years on and you are still very much missed, Rich.  We raise a glass in your honor, brother!

I doubt there's a flying squadron in the Air Force that hasn't felt the benefit of what Rich has done. There's no way to begin to quantify the positive effects of his work. We're all in his debt. Than

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This site is largely responsible for helping me get my fighter slot and I will use it all the way through training.

Talk about making a difference.

Think of the amount of guys/girls that have used this site to help them achieve their dream! What a man, forever in debt!

R.I.P and Blue Skies!

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Impossible to quantify the positive impact he's had on the services and those whom he enabled to chase their dreams, myself absolutely included. Baseops is a legacy if ever I've seen one. I hope his family knows the impact he's had.

I didn't know he was so young. A sad loss.

Him him.

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Could someone post the citation for his DFC with Valor? I'd really like to know how it was earned. Thx

Rich had some assignments that were "under the radar" if you will. Probably not open source info.

I first met him when he was an IP at Corpus & I was a student. He was by far the most energetic and probably flat out the best IP I had there. I ended up in the same squadron at Pope he had ben in previosuly and he took the time to sit down with me and detail out what to expect, what to do, and most importantly what not to do in the "real Air Force". A class act all around.

Rest Easy. :beer:

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