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New BAH rates are out.


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Tell me how this works. BAH for my area went down $87 for O-2. O-3... increase of $102.

Edit for additional info:

If you read the faq on the BAH site it says that there is BAH rate protection as long as you 1. don't PCS 2. don't get demoted and 3. don't change your dependency status.

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Your BAH might have went up, but I think you're overall net $$$ to buy guns and booze just went considerably down.

Yeah, but if you figure the marriage as a sunk cost. The opportunistic value of getting married before the changes........ Oh god, why did that worthless TUIU class just come back into my head.

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It won't go down. I just checked my LES and I am still getting the rate for 2010 ($1380), but the 2011 rate is $1320. 2012 rate is $1332, so I'm assuming I'll keep my 2010 rate another year.

I believe the only time it will reduce on your LES is

a. You PCS

b. You promote (when you promote is still goes "up" to reflect your new rank however you get whatever the current CY BAH rate is)

If your still at the same base with the same rank during a drop in BAH I don't believe it drops until either a/b above happens.....

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