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2011 BAH Rates


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From the Defense Travel Management Office:

If I get promoted, do I get the "protected" BAH amount for my new pay grade?

No. If you are promoted, your BAH rate is the then-current published BAH for your new (higher) grade, with the following exception. If you get promoted, and are in a location where the current published BAH for your new grade is lower than the BAH amount you were receiving before, you continue to receive the higher BAH amount.

BAH for a Captain in Minot is actually going up by $174 and $114 for a Major, so we got that going for us.

Yeah...what I said.

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Well, your BAH is based off of multiple factors that are tied in with both the local housing market and the cost of living. The rate protection thing is pretty much a subsidy by the government to not screw people over previously living there. So, you're taking a loss because your promotion is triggering the 2011 rate, and are being paid accurately (according to gov't), instead of having your rate grandfathered in and subsidized.

As far as your mortgage. Well, that's the risk that comes with buying a home.

I would have swore that there was a thread on here in late 2009 discussing the new 2010 rates, and in that thread some guys asked if rate protection applied to Reservists. After searching for 20 minutes with no luck, I am going to re-ask: does anyone know if the rate protection rules apply to reservists, and if so, have it in writing? I noticed that my BAH dropped about $200 from 2009, and when I get regular BAH (30 days of orders), they are paying me the lower rate. I seem to remember someone even citing a section of one of the pay regulations that spelled it out. Thanks.

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