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Odd Names in the Global


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So I'm sittin' in another fine training class today learnin' all kinds of great stuff. Fortunately, we have our laptops with us and are encouraged to take notes and look things up on the internet. As the blah-blah-blah goes on in the background, I work on answering my piles of e-mail and trying to get caught up on my OPR's. After I run out of real work, I notice an e-mail from a woman with the last name "Beaver". I chuckle and then get an idea...what other cool names are in the global directory? Here's some I found (look 'em up...they're all legit):

Anita Hoel

Anita Johnson

Beate Cox

Max Koch

Doug Graves

Hai Ho (Hai Ho, it's off to work we go...)

Thai Ho (no sh!t, it's really on there)

Assman (Keith, Mike & Norbert)

Harry Johnson

Harry Palmer

Holly Wood

J. Walker

Joe Kerr

Justin Hale

Kandi Johnson

Corky Butts

Kizzie Butts

Lee King

Gladys A. Mann

Less Moore

Lisa Carr (govt card required)

A. Ness (X4)

P. Ness

Mike Hunt

Rich Guy

Rick Shaw

Shanique Sass (probably my favorite...check out the other Sass names next time you're on the global!)

Rob Banks

Tom Morrow (X3)

Trina Woods

Willi Boner

Will Power (X3)

Will Leake

Here's some based on rank:

Major Bohner

Major Dick

Major Downer

Major Major

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Part of me laughs at this, but the other part of me wouldn't appreciate if someone arbitrarily listed my name on 'the internets' without my consent. It's not that hard to track down folks in the AF, why make it easier? Especially with the email for life we all have now.

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Listing your fellow Air Force members names online so you can mock them is highly unprofessional and makes you look like an idiot.

In my defense I'm pretty sure Jack Sparrow was a fake created account considering it has his position as a pirate.

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