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  1. 5 hours ago, Lowspeedhidrag said:

    Not a fan of this organization...but they're not wrong. I wonder when they will realize that they've been played this entire time....lol


    For the average supporter? Probably never, those pulling the strings will never allow it (it’s why inner cities never vote red despite the fact that lunatics like Maxine Waters has run Los Angeles into the ground).  For the leadership? They know it’s a ploy, it was never about Black Lives, it was always a vehicle for Marxism. 

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  2. 11 hours ago, Alpharatz said:

    Reminds me of when states started making seat belt use mandatory..I can still hear it..."I got my rights"  "seat belts can kill you"  "blah de blah"   ..This from guyz who were forced to wear a seat belt and shoulder harness from release to set...in a vehicle with essentially a zero chance of crashing....but drove on out the gate in a vehicle where  safe travel is questionable at best...often with a brewski or three on board..

    This bug is turning into the research project from hell..which will be helpful down the line..I guess..pray for the medics...



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  3. This hypothetical scenario based speculation is mildly interesting, but it’s quite clear CJCS is a disgrace for many reasons and must resign or be fired.  
    I personally think Austin, Miley and McKenzie at a minimum no longer remain credible in their positions after the AFG debacle.
    Unfortunately we all know there will be no accountability.  

    Having the “first African American SECDEF” resign is not good optics for the democrats and woke crowd, so it will not happen. That alone is everything wrong with the left today and a contributing factor to why we are in this mess.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Lord Ratner said:

    This might be the worst post I've ever read here, only because of how insidiously dangerous this mindset is.


    Yeah, war is messy. But this war wasn't messy for over 2 years, and really it wasn't messy for quite a bit longer than that. This war was very very clean, to the point where you can't even really call it a war anymore. But it suddenly became very messy because of the idiotic desires of the president (and his predecessor) and the bureaucracy that enabled them to fuck this up.


    Under Trump a couple high-profile generals resigned because of this idiotic desire to return to isolationism. Where were the resignations under Biden? It is inconceivable that the military hierarchy did not know this was going to happen. Anyone who has been deployed there over the last two decades knew that this would happen if we left, so where are the high-profile resignations? Where are the generals falling on their swords in an attempt to prevent bloodshed?


    Instead we get an airstrike as a consolation prize, a wishful distraction by an administration that is fucked up so royally even an incredibly accommodating press can't help but push back on their lies.


    If you don't lose your job over a fuck up like this, then you are essentially advocating for a system that has no accountability.

    I agree with you to a degree, Trump was absolutely correct to get us out…the incompetence that plagues the DOD sat on their arses and never discussed a NEO strategy until it was too late.  Biden is too decrepit to understand nuances but the CJCS and the DOD should’ve seen this coming and had a branch plan ready to execute.  While Afghanistan was always doomed to be a disaster, we didn’t have to leave thousands of Americans behind with no exit plan. 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, torqued said:

    Completely unrelated.

    The Navy FIRES offensive coordinator for LOSING to the Air Force.

    They can't do that, can they?


    Navy Offensive Coordinator’s mind right now: “I lost a stupid football game to Air Force and I’m out of a job, Biden, Miley and their incompetent defense staff lost one of the most embarrassing conflicts in modern history and they still have in a job” 

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  6. Story time.  I had the privilege (or curse?) of being a deployed commander when the vaccine rolled out.  I stood first in line with my SEL to get it along with a handful others (I’m very right of center yet pro vaccine, weird I know...  At first contact, only about 32% of our Sq (mostly pilots - just a datapoint), got it.  We did legitimately try to educate folks and got that number up to 50+.

    The turning point however, was discussion of our trip home.  In order to stay off base in our foreign country fuel stop, we had to get MAJCOM A3 approval, and getting to that would mean only the vaccinated would be able to enjoy said privilege.  So we decided to send those who chose not the be vaccinated home via rotator.

    When this became public knowledge; dudes were standing in line to be vaccinated.  All but 3/90+ folks got the vaccine - mostly so they could party after a long deployment. 

    Morale of the story? Non vaccinated folks are not necessarily driven by the convictions they preach, one could argue? Maybe, maybe not.  At the end of the day, we didn’t call them non vaccers or science deniers or demean them.  They saw the inherent advantage and got the shot.  At the same time, the DOD smartly removed the mask mandate for those vaccinated and more people got the shot. Walking back on that was arguably the stupidest thing the DOD and POTUS have done apart from recent events in Afghanistan.

    You want more people vaccinated? Don’t insult them, incentivize it.  Appeal to human nature.  No one falls in line when you demean and insult them. 

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  7. 13 hours ago, Danger41 said:

    Big difference going into Bumfuck Municipal and HKIA as it’s swarming with thousands of refugees. Even if you can land, where are you going to park your airplane without direction in that environment? 

    This is what the CRG and STS career fields are for.  Bonus, both carry with them organic security capes.  If CENTCOM and DOD aren’t run by a bunch of idiots we would’ve figured this out before the withdrawal went south. 

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Sim said:

    Better question is when did State Department, the organization in charge of NEO, started their planning and when did they requested military support? Why was Afgan exit and NEO planned separately?  

    The two agencies do not work well together.  I’ve spent a lot of time supporting the East Africa Response Force, it’s a giant joint planning circle jerk while waiting for the DOS, the actual lead agency, to do anything.  

    Look at how Benghazi transpired. You had alert birds asking to takeoff from the Med while the state department sat on their vaginas.  Afghanistan, however, is incompetence that is unprecedented.  Anyone that calls this a success beyond the COCOM/strategic level needs a mental examination. 

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  9. 16 hours ago, Lawman said:

    Your last point is probably one of the most glaringly ignored brief points for this pretend “great powers fight” we think we are ready for.

    All of our support enabling functions are being performed by aircraft that started life when people were still crossing the oceans in propeller driven aircraft and ocean liners. We need some new shit airplanes and we need them 9 years ago.

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    9 years ago? That’s when then POTUS and congress started gutting the military budget while surging in Afghanistan.  That didn’t age well..

  10. 10 hours ago, JimNtexas said:

     No US presidential administration has collapsed/resigned for a large military failure, attack, …”.

    Tell that to President Carter.






    Carter was always honorable and tried to do the right thing.  Joe Biden is and has always been a thug.  Look at any number of videos insulting people, losing his temper, lying or just talking like he is out of the slums of Philly.  Joe will resign at a time and place dictated by his handlers.  

    I am more disappointed that Austin and Miley haven’t resigned yet.  Perhaps they are being pulled by the same puppet strings.  

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  11. 1 minute ago, FLEA said:

    They aren't going to teach themselves. They will ask another country to come in an assist them. We are not the only country with a capability like the 6 SOS. 

    Yeah, almost every third world country with an Air Force has herks, they are one of the cheapest yet versatile airplanes on the planet.  I know for a fact Pakistan has them and would train them; they aren’t very good though .  They were not allowed to Airdrop at Mobility Guardian after they dropped off the range (not just the DZ) the first day. 

  12. 4 hours ago, GrndPndr said:

    Geeze... Awful

    On a related note, a question:  Does the Taliban making the first move here, free us to operate a little more aggressively?

    Not with the current imbecile in chief, maybe Austin will have the balls to do what is necessary!

  13. This administration is in real trouble.  Rightly so and very predictable.  Biden was a terrible politician, known for dishonesty and unpopular prior to the election.  But, he wasn’t Trump.  That’s why he won.  Harris is absolutely awful on every level.  
    My question is, how does this play out if Biden doesn’t survive this Afghanistan debacle?   I would argue that this is one of the worst, self inflicted, embarrassing and unforgivable situations that our country has ever been through.  It’s been handled with complete dishonesty and lies.  There has been zero empathy and ownership.  And it’s going to get worse.  Much much worse.  
    I’ve never seen anything like this.  My community has been heavily involved in Afghanistan.  We’ve got multiple guys in the squadron who have done the air advisor thing.  They were embedded with the Afghans for 6 months at a time.   I’ve never received as many late night calls from guys in my squadron as I have over this.  We’ve had emails from the VA, counselors in the squadron, talks with commanders etc.  And today, for the first time, I legitimately asked a buddy if he thought he was going to hurt himself.  This stress is cumulative and we all have unique stories.  It started in February 2020 with COVID and it’s culminated in this Afghanistan disaster.  
    So, again, how does this play out?  Do we see a resignation like Nixon?  Do we watch this come and eventually go with Americans and their short memories?  What are your thoughts and how do we handle it?  

    Valid questions. He will step aside “for health reasons” at a time and place chosen by his handlers and puppet masters. The problem for them is they are realizing how unpopular Kamala is…my sister is a hardcore leftist that lives in Berkeley and even her and all her friends hate her (Bernie is more popular in that sect). I think Dems played the short game in just focusing on ousting Trump with no viable strategy beyond 2022-2024.

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  14. 7 hours ago, Wendell said:

    So he continues to point fingers and blame Trump as the current administration can’t dig itself out of its ups…I for one will be glad when he is just another washed up pilot on the street 



    I was waiting for “actually it’s Trump’s fault”…no, this mess is 100% Biden’s mess. Trump had an exist strategy…woke Miley sat on it until Biden finally made a decision in April and now we have one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent history - and because the guy in the office can’t put a sentence together let alone make a strategic decision, it might get much worse.  

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  15. On 8/23/2021 at 8:20 AM, Pooter said:

    Now that the vaccine is fully approved by the FDA, one wonders why it is so different in your mind than the flu shot or the litany of other vaccines the military mandates. 

    Or if you think mandating any vaccine is bad, one wonders why you volunteered to work for the federal government, surrendering much of your medical care autonomy. 

    oh that's right.. because it's all political theater

    So in theory, I agree with you. I got vaccinated as soon as it was available and I support making it mandatory at least within the DOD.  That being said, the left has made such a mess of Covid policies with their self righteous plight in ruining the economy that I can’t blame many people for being skeptical with anything regarding Covid and government mandates.  Yes, Trump and many republicans have also adamantly denied Covid’s existence but they aren’t the ones that ruined the economy over Covid.  Covid is real, the vaccines work and have less than a 1% side effect rate - but the left has left many people across party lines with a bitter taste in their mouth and complete distrust of the federal government to preach to them. I’m glad more republicans are actually encouraging the vaccine. 

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  16. 8 hours ago, slc said:

    Based on our current political leaderships COA?  A resounding yes.

    Biden just wanted to pull the plug and wave the flag on 9/11 and say “see, my leadership brought all the troops home and ended the forever war”

    His handlers chose….poorly

    Fixed it for you

  17. 7 minutes ago, dogfish78 said:

    The Marxist/Communist/Globalist takeover in the U.S. really got moving when they infiltrated the universities, because then they could pump their lemmings out into every institution that required a university degree. Prior to this university takeover, we had patriotic officers in our military, for the most part, at least a 179 degree difference from what we currently have. The problem for the traitors now is that the zeitgeist has moved, and it's out of their control because they rely on lies and deception. The truth will prevail. 2016 woke up a lot of John Q. Public's about the evil of our federal government. We're T+5 almost years from then and it's only grown stronger. People are moving away from big technology and onto independent platforms. The traitors know they've screwed up and are scrambling, but it only makes it worse for them. @RedEye1911 Your experience sounds like mine in the Air Force. You are doing God's work by staying the course and being an actual patriot. Your kind is the posterity our forefathers spoke so much about.

    Many of the officer ranks have been brainwashed, just like many federal law enforcement officers, to believe the enemy is the average patriotic White Christian middle-class family who owns firearms. They cover their collective eyeballs when their own government is caught furnishing firearms to the Mexican Cartels which then wind up murdering our own citizens who are local law enforcement officers and ordinary folk (Fast and Furious scandal). Small businesses ordered to be closed, along with churches, while the global corporations make the most money they've ever seen during the "pandemic". At some point you'd think they'd realize maybe the federal government doesn't have our best interests in mind.

    To those skeptics reading this, I don't ask you to agree with me. I ask you to seriously read some of the information that is suppressed. The information that doesn't come only from higher up. Talk to people, real people, who aren't in the military. Get their perspectives about the federal government and ask if it serves them. You may surprised to find what when you have an open mind.

    I too am flabbergasted by the amount of military officers and peers that openly support Marxism.  Maybe this is why we haven’t won a war since 1991? 

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  18. 13 hours ago, BashiChuni said:

    they won't be fired. you can count on that.

    biden is clearly over afghanistan and is taking no responsibility...as he said "that was four or five days ago!"

    also the optics of a woke president firing the first black SECDEF make that a non starter

    if milley and austin had any integrity they'd do the right thing and resign...but they won't

    You’re probably right, impeachment would do then.  Kamala is hated enough we could probably survive her for 2 years. 

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  19. 13 hours ago, HuggyU2 said:

    “The Afghan Security Forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country…” - Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, July 21, 2021.

    Fuck that guy. Maybe less time pushing Marxist ideology on the military and acting like you are the HMFIC/CJCS. 

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  20. 1 hour ago, Wendell said:

    All I know is that I keep seeing videos that have thousands of military aged males in Afghanistan who should pick up a f****ng gun and actually fight for their country and families.

    Exactly.  What the fuck were we doing besides training them the last 20 years?

  21. 1 hour ago, tac airlifter said:

    What makes you think any of us will be able to take our masks off?  

    Optimism… and to be fair we did take them off between 14 May** and last week for those vaccinated.

  22. 15 hours ago, Kiloalpha said:

    Unknown if true. I don’t think this is exactly going to endear the President to the armed forces. But if they say I need it, I’ll get it. Just think it’s a little bullshit.


    While the fall out for Biden will be hilarious to watch, I am in huge support of this.  Maybe we can take off our masks for good, at least on base. Nothing is more BS than being vaccinated yet having to wear a mask again.  

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