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  1. Welcome newfriend. The ride never ends.
  2. Remember when you made this post? I do. This thread now has 57,700 views. Cheers
  3. I’m starting to sense buyer’s remorse with the vaxxies. Anyone else?
  4. Chemically identical =/= same manufacturing requirements/processes and storage requirements/processes as two big examples.
  5. So where can you actually get Comirnaty? As in actually go receive an injection of it into your body? As in a hypodermic needle penetrating your flesh and impregnating your tissue and bloodstream with the Comirnaty ™️ juice?
  6. The journalist was more professional than anything I’ve seen from Fox/CNN/other MSM in decades. The sidewalk is public property and the journalist can legally be there and film and ask questions. There was no ambush. Stop lying. She could’ve engaged in the questioning, or merely stayed silent and went about her day, or she could’ve walked back to her house. She fled in terror because she knows the People are catching on.
  7. Ambush? LOL... right 🤣. The journalist seemed polite in their question and tone. She had genuine fear in her eyes as she knows what she's been complicit with. Maybe Dr. Fauci will be lecturing us on medical testing ethics next.
  8. In a perfect world, with no lying institutions, then yes more evidence is needed. However, it’s well known by people of all spectrums that the institutions have been lying to us throughout the “pandemic”. These covid drugs should be halted immediately until they are shown to be safe (if ever) AND that they’re even needed. How much longer should we allow the institutions to seize power of our liberties and kill/disable our folk while pretending to hold the moral high ground and say we just need more institution approved evidence? (Rhetorical question). At some point, one must call out the lies they’re being gaslit with.
  9. Because flat-earthers exist mean one shouldn’t trust their senses in the face of a corrupted medical/federal-government hegemony?
  10. “Safe and effective”. “Four legs bad, two legs good.” “We’ve always been at war with Eurasia”. “Follow the science”. “Trust the experts”.
  11. It is for sure a “well worn” path 🤣
  12. >I was pointing out some studies that said that herd immunity may be impossible with delta. And his response was not to actually engage with my points. It was to call me a conspiracy theorist idiot. It was absurd. It probably is similar to experiences you guys have had. Maybe even reminded you of experiences you’ve had talking to me on this forum lol. I hope not, because that attitude that you have to comply with the mainstream viewpoint or you are labeled an idiot is absolutely maddening. Welcome to the club bro. Glad to have you. None of us, I promise, are against you. We love you as bros, and hate seeing the lies being told to all of us. You’ve taken a red-pill. Always strive for truth. As for your comment about “conservative” using more studies instead of anecdotes. I wish we could do it, but the problem is so many studies and institutions are corrupt and bullshit. When everything is corrupted, you HAVE to trust your senses. It’s natural to do so. I wish I could pour over truly unbiased data. But when every scientist, NGO, university, government regulatory agency, is getting billions from Big Pharma. / lobbyists / whatever…. All they put out is BS.
  13. That's nuts, but par for the course for the covid-crazies. What will you be doing about it? Will you speak up?
  14. Someone please send my above post to @Pooter and @Prozac. I wish them to join us in conversation! 🤠They're missing out.
  15. Is it even worth it for patriotic young people to join the military anymore given its track record and admitted goals for the future (hint: not the security of our nation's people)? What's your take?
  16. You really are not as different politically from many of us. Patriots rise up. Spread that site. Odysee has its limitations, but is another alternative. BitChute seems to have gone the sellout route by allowing the U.K. to censor them. YouTube will die. While on its face, it would seem to go against "conservative values". You must consider this. The Texas Governor's executive order (along with his call for the state legislature to make a statute solidifying the order's intent) merely prohibits entities from requiring a covid drug upon those which are subordinate to the entity. In all "conservative" thought (ironically, more classically liberal than anything!) the individuals' freedom as humans are higher than an entity, in many cases, a business. I think what the Governor did does protect liberty of the humans of Texas (and those who work within). We have to care about people and their livelihoods more than an entity's ability to mandate a medical procedure if we are going to care about liberty. I reject the GOP, I reject Neo-conservatives, I reject the DNC and those aligned. All are within the same camp.
  17. Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA, Prague U. et al are all media companies grifting off of real conservatives by acting as a pressure relief / controlled opposition valve that redirects the real conservatives’ energy into putting Israel (the contemporary nation-state) first, U.S.A. last while advancing globohomo domestically (and abroad). On it’s face, what Shapiro says may sound “conservative”, but look a little deeper and you’ll see what his real goal (and his puppet masters’ goal) is. We’re in an information war. No different than how “liberal” got hijacked as a word to mean a full blown Marxist agenda. I’d love for classical liberalism to flourish again. But the word is tainted in so many minds. What do you think about Israel?
  18. YOU THINK (((BEN SHAPIRO))) is part of the U.S. conservative movement? HAHAHAAHHA
  19. ITT: “moderates” who are realizing just what they and their deceased neighbors voted for.
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