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  1. A lawbreaker? You're saying that because he's brown. Also, that's a future (blue) voter you bigot! - DNC
  2. @CaptainMorgan @Day Man Harvard University has said via scientific study that vaccine adverse reactions /deaths are reported less than 1% of the time to VAERS. >6000 deaths of any cause among those vaccinated, only 3 attributable to blood clots from J&J. There's been more problems / deaths from this "vaccine" than from covid-19 itself as admitted by the FDA's own scientists. The medium and long term effects are unknown, but it's not looking too good for the vaxxxed. MSM journalists get the rope.
  3. Imagine thinking that enforcing our nation's sovereign borders is a bad thing lol 🤣. Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays is a wonderful book to understanding the industry of manipulating masses and how old such an industry is (in our modern world). I applaud the Border Patrol cowboys.
  4. Xi Jinping knows what weak men lead to (hint: the contemporary West).
  5. I thought so too, as anti-freeze kills all, while polyethylene glycol (PEG) is very bad only for some people (to my understanding). Would be interested to see further research on PEG.
  6. It appears to me the flight physician is whistleblowing her and other colleagues' observations of what the covid "vaccine" is doing, more-so than essentially "diagnosing" exactly what the "vaccine" is doing (as the physician with your bone tumor did incorrectly). I too have a healthy skepticism of physicians to begin with as I also have been ran through the wringer with false diagnoses. I know one thing for certain is true in this world, you have to trust your literal senses, eyes/ears/gut, all that stuff. I've had family members die days after getting the "vaccine" and I have many friends who say they've had the same experience with some of the their family too. I would hope whatever court she petitioned this motion too rules in favor of halting the "vaccine" until more research can be done.
  7. If it means more culturally enriching undocumented immigrants here and funding for Israel's IRON DOME then 100% I'm for it and you should be too. These immigrants are coming here to be scientists, leaders, inventors... the BEST the world has to offer are coming here because that's what the U.S.A. is about. Don't even get me started on our GREATEST ally Israel. Our pocketbooks should be given free access to any Israeli. @LowspeedhidragThoughts????
  8. If they can't do water injections I don't want 'em!! Can they?🤣
  9. Thank you, I appreciate your honesty 👍🏼. I have enough formal / expansive writing in my normal life's jobs that when I come here to this forum I try to let loose and say it how it is. A problem many commissioned officers fail to understand is that they equate having discussion about unconstitutional / immoral / unethical / illegal orders as failing to obey a commander's order. It's black and white to them. Thus we've wound up in the place we are because too many officers value muh pension / "defense" contracting jobs post-retirement over having a cohesive functioning nation for their CHILDREN'S CHILDREN.
  10. Sadly, it's probably this. Why do anything positive to keep pilot retention? Congress gives ANOTHER billion to the modern nation-state Israel instead 🤣
  11. It's not political. It's intended as a one time message, from me to the younger generation.
  12. Alert for all prospective AF pilots: I've been in and flying for over a decade, but less than two. You would not believe the plummeting morale happening across enlisted and officer ranks under this presidential "administration". If you have not already taken the clot-shot, don't. If you have, do not get any boosters under any circumstances. Heavily, heavily, reconsider joining the military to fly. This "vaccine" is not what the "experts" have claimed, and their lies are being fully exposed. I've lost several friends and family members to this "vaccine". I promise you, flying in the AF is not worth what they're doing now and what they'll do to you over your 10 year commitment given their lack of care forcing this covid "vaccine". Godspeed.
  13. How many "refugees" were found on the landing gear?
  14. I am pleasantly satisfied with the amount of discourse my thread has brought. I extend a friendly hand to @pawnman for showing a glimmer of hope in this dark, dark, Department of "Defense". @DirkDigglerContinues to post worthless boomier-tier content as usual. Who can help my posts get to his Metamucil inbox? @Prozac @Pooter Why should people in certain professions be forced to take a drug? If the drug works (for other people), what do those other people have to worry about if those certain professionals don't also take the drug?
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