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  1. What's the story behind it? It also depends on how much. I've heard that if you make a considerable amount of money the Air Force will just separate you honorably, no questions asked.
  2. Yeah? From my understanding, you're where you're at unless your functional releases you.
  3. 46 driver here. I have yet to see a single person get released from the KC-46 to go to anything else. Not even a white jet. If you come here, you're probably here for life. It's not a bad place to be (I like it a hell of a lot more than where I came from) but I doubt you'd be able to get a functional release to go to the U-2 down the line. Just about everyone I know at that's at their 10 year commitment is punching so manning is already going to be a tough sell. The 46 is an amazing jet to fly, but be advised a lot of your leadership is the AMC "shiny penny" type of dude, so YMMV depending on what you want to do with your career. If you're really interested in the 46, give the functional a call. He's easy to work with to get in, and they *are* taking regular mechanical crossflows AFAIK since manning isn't the best. I'm also interested in the U-2/B-2, but what you want and the Air Force wants are often two different things - and Big Blue always wins. There's also other jobs at McGuire that take flyers. I doubt you could go KC-10s since they're on their way out, but C-17s are possible, and you could make a case for the CRG.
  4. Certain parts of reddit and 4chan. I don't like to use any site with my actual name for reasons that should be obvious at this point.
  5. I ran an MPC during this shitshow. I want to do a full career in the Air Force but every single day the Air Force tries to convince me otherwise. This exercise slammed that sentiment into MTO. The patches that ran this completely destroyed any inkling or slight desire to be a patch myself. What a mess. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. How'd you get hooked up with that 208 gig? Sounds like a pretty bad ass assignment.
  7. Was that recent? Did those numbers come from the functional himself or is there a doc out there that you can look at it? My prediction is this: If you want to crossflow out of the MAF or heavy ISR, there's a ticking clock. COVID is going to be over in the not so distant future, and people are going to want to travel. Airlines are going to be hiring out of the ass, and guys that already hit their commitment are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel and punch. There will be a mass exodus of MAF guys to the airlines, and manning is going to tank for those communities. Getting a release then will be nigh impossible.
  8. I'd love to see some sort of manning level by airframe with statistics from AFPC. They keep it in their little cave and don't share with anyone. For instance, if I was a tanker guy and wanted to do something else, and AFSOC/whatever was drastically undermanned and I wanted to do that, going in with that information would help a case for crossflow.
  9. I get AFPC shenanigans. I just recently got told to kick rocks by them because manning reasons when my community is overmanned and expected to be more overmanned in the future, but I digress. Maybe the older guys for staff, but what about the LTs to mid-level captains?
  10. What happens to the aircrew of retiring airframes? Looks like they're sending 17 B-1s to the boneyard (pun?), and 6 KC-10s this year, with more in the years to come after 2021. The B-1 is about to get a gigantic jump in their manning level and crew ratio. Are they gonna send all these guys to similar airframes like the B-2/Buff or sell them all to UPT? https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/12/30/new-in-2021-older-planes-bound-for-the-boneyard/
  11. That sounds literally like what's happening now, minus the 3 years. All based on the rack and stack and whatever the AFPC gods have available.
  12. 2LT LoveDumpster would be all about that. However, not everyone can be a special operations fighter pilot. We need dudes in unsexy airplanes to do extremely important missions. Those steely eye’d fighter pilots aren’t doing shit without tanker support. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  13. KC-46 driver here. That program is nowhere near ready for any sort of Initial Qual. We’ve been screaming this for years and it’s falling on deaf ears. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. This is a f*** up on PA's part. I know for a fact you don't get B-1s or B-2s out of T-1s as a UPT student, and once in a great while you'll see a buff that's usually from some sort of Joint Spouse drug deal. FAIPs can sometimes swing a B-1 or a buff at the conclusion of their assignment, and they have their own B-2 board that they can apply for.
  15. @CharlieHotel47 I don't have that data. I know for me I had a training RIP that was from early August to Mid December. I didn't leave until late February almost March. If you're really curious I would get in touch with some of the bros in 135 PIQ and see what it looks like currently. However, my guess is that CAE hasn't un****ed its self in the not so distant past that I went through PIQ, and I doubt COVID has helped at all. Also my advice to you guys going through PIQ would be to make sure your government finances are squared away. My 2 month delay in orders caused all sorts of shoe clerks' head to explode and I had to get my SQ/CC to un**** the situation in order for me and my GTC to get paid, because no one had explained to my idiotic butterbar self about partial payments. Get partial payments. Not a good way to show up to your new squadron already making problems for a commander with enough problems. My other piece of advice would be to get in contact with your gaining unit as soon as you guys have a spare moment once you're a little bit through the course and find out who your sponsor is, and get the ball rolling now so you have a smooth transition.
  16. @Right Rudder At KLTS currently, and hopefully leaving soon. Right now this isn't a fun place to be. The wing king is at war with the crash pad industry and everyone TDY is getting screwed. Single occupancy lodging only, which means for you most likely the really shitty on base dorms. As for the training timeline in 135s, it has been and always will be backed up. You'll find the quality of your instructors to be very high, but the management of the program is absolute garbage. When I went through 135 PIQ, it was a 4 month program that took 7 months to complete. Welcome to the big boy Air Force, where the lowest bidder wins.
  17. The article says ISR is overmanned at 127%. Why is that so egregious? I'd love to see the manning breakdown by air frame and see what the major malfunction is.
  18. Rolling into a canyon with 50 cals blazing on an A29 sounds like an an aviators wet dream. How do you get that job?
  19. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/07/07/heres-where-the-air-forces-pilot-shortfall-is-the-worst/ Interesting article out of AF Times. "The Air Force has consistently been well over-manned among 11M mobility pilots, such as those who fly the Pegasus. In 2015, mobility pilot manning was at 125 percent. As the KC-46 came online, overmanning declined, hitting 108 percent in 2019. Jacobson said the Air Force has over-produced mobility pilots in the past, and is working on re-directing some of them to other pilot categories." Crossflow opening back up for fat boys to go fly other shit?
  20. Can anyone in the community speak about the selection process for the non-FAIP board? Even with all of us having the nuke stink, none of the guys (to my knowledge) at my base that applied for the FY20 board were contacted for an interview. Just out of curiosity, what makes a candidate stand out, and what can we do to better our chances for future boards?
  21. What's the typical mission profile of the U-2 without getting into the classified realm? Is it pretty hands on from the pilot perspective or do you kind of just fly it up to cruise and make sure it doesn't fall out of the sky? One of the things that's my big pet peeve about my MWS is that there's really long periods of doing jack shit and I have the attention span of a toddler.
  22. https://www.airforcemag.com/usaf-plans-to-retire-the-u-2-in-2025/ I'll believe it when I see it (look at the planned A-10 retirement awhile back), but if it's true that disappoints me. I was hoping to throw my hat in for the Dragon Lady in around a year and a half.
  23. I love the enthusiasm and the positive attitude, but I haven't really seen this on the tanker side. Unless you're picked up for some special program like Phoenix, you're not being released unless it's to pay UPT bills. I'd love to go fly a strike aircraft or something more tactical, especially after watching those guys rain hate in the sandbox. But from what I understand, if you didn't fly a T-38 in UPT that isn't happening - unless you somehow work a board like said ex-135 driver did. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
  24. Did the U-2 community ever send anyone off to TPS? With the challenging flying nature of the U-2 and the unique mission it'd seem like it'd be a great fit.
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