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  1. Just playing devils advocate here. You can’t taxi a 38 with a Gen failure regardless if there was a good crossover or not. Besides the potential for fod, that’s the biggest issue I can immediately think of for landing at a closed airfield off the top of my nugget. I’m not sure I understand a Q3 if they landed and acted in accordance with the IFG/Dash 1, which would direct them to clear the active then shut down…I.e walk back to Ops if no support agencies available. Now I don’t have any inside baseball on this event and I’m not insinuating the crew in this case did taxi back, but if they landed the jet then decided to taxi and shut down then I could see the argument for a Q3. Assuming they followed the IFG, did they properly secure the jet with pins/chocks/etc. afterwards? Just questions
  2. The T-6 “old” syllabus has 1 transition solo and 1 formation solo, totaling maybe 3.0
  3. I would be very interested to see what the UPT (or even thru FTU) “success” rate is for ANG selects, in particular. Is it higher/lower than AD at large?
  4. Recent data point from “old” syllabus (PV4AJ in 2020-2021) Total: 173 hours (141 sorties) T-6: 87 hours T-38: 86 hours 1 syllabus sortie PA in each phase…humble brag
  5. I’m not very interesting….but here’s some good booze!
  6. After however many years of work (and a good bit of luck), I’d like to request a username change to “FormerPilotCandidate” as “PilotCandidate” is no longer accurate.
  7. XL 21-12: B-52 F-15C F-5 (Kenya) F-15E F-16 2x F-16 (Slovakia) F-35 T-38 FAIP
  8. It’s a good time to be in T-38’s! Vance 21-11 (possibly incomplete): A-10 F-15E F-35 38 FAIP F-16 XL 21-11: F-16 AZ ANG F-16 T-38C
  9. Only 2 people on the -38 side** Unsure on the T-1 side of the house T-6 FAIP XL F-16
  10. Copy thanks. That checks, I’ll check it out on Monday
  11. I haven’t asked around for an official answer but I’ve overheard that it does not generally include boat qual. Have also heard that with luck, timing, and above average hands a stud may be offered the opportunity to catch a few wires and qual.
  12. KDLF 21-07 T-38 only EA-18 B-2 T-6 T-38 F-16 F-16 ANG, OH A-10 B-52 AFRC, Barksdale F-16
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