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  1. Kiloalpha's post in MEPS Criminal History was marked as the answer   
    So, MEPS is bullshit. They get kicks out of making kids squirm. They'll tell you that they're gonna dig into your history, blah blah.
    General guidance I received is to not tell them anything that you don't have to.
    As an example, they asked me if I had ever been "suspended" during school. Well, I had study hall once for cracking a joke. Technically that included suspension. So, I put it down, trying to be the honest person.
    Two hours later, after dealing with so much bs (poked and prodded). You'll finally sit down with a doc. He'll talk to you about what you put down and make a determination of whether it's disqualifying (criminal or academic). I explained what happened in my case, he laughed, crossed out my written explanation and said "Don't worry about it. In the future, don't bother putting it down".
    In so many ways, MEPS is a joke. Save the stressing for your FC1. 
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