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  1. 9 hours ago, General Chang said:

    Ok, I'l be your huckleberry.

    Look, there's a ton of blame to go around. The good news: we have a current CSAF & SecAF who "get it."  The bad news: layers of leadership between the CSAF & the common man simply will not break out of their stovepiped thinking.  CSAF: "Stop doing stuff that doesn't make sense."  Wg/CCs: "Until regs change, keep doing the stupid stuff."  For instance, despite the mandate from CSAF that Majors are 100% for the next 3-4 years, Wings are still required to produce narrative-only PRFs for guys going to schools.  Why?  "Because that's what the regs say."  Just one example of many where leaders can't think for themselves...JUST SAY NO!

    I understand your point but how many captains are going to school? This falls under the AFIT gig I assume? Just curious.

  2. On 7/11/2017 at 9:46 PM, ThreeHoler said:

    Good riddance to a shit program (select via promotion board). Hopefully the new will be less shit.

    Did anyone catch in Goldfein's text that it said all developmental education...does that mean O-5 and O-6 too?

    I caught that. It would be a curious O-5 list, as the BTZers would already know they are SELs leaving the random few IPZers wondering about the last spots. At that point, who are they trying to kid?

  3. Not at all Dupe. I was just stating what I have seen for OSBs and that they are in line with the guidance now released (the OSBs dropped a wek or two ago). With the practice bleeding being cut, just saying complete is a great step forward. If someone doesn't complete rank appropriate PME, that should be highlighted to the promo board. The real discriminator from the SURF for SRs will be the AAD since you can't practice bleed anymore.

  4. Sorry dude, cynical to say the least. I have seen the OSB for the next board, blank degree block and DE just says PDE complete. Unfortunately though as long as it is still accessible, it can still be used. The next board, the change is more symbolic then anything. The strats people received were influenced by the AAD. You can mask the degree but not the number in the OPR. Hopefully this change will help the '06 but more realistically the '07 and younger yr groups.

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