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  1. Now MSNBC has begun warming the public to idea of failure. "If we give everything we want to give to Ukraine, it still won't lead to success." https://x.com/DavidSacks/status/1727015665780060233?s=20 Zelensky fires the Chief of Ukrainian military medical system due to handling of battlefield casualties. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/zelenskiy-calls-rapid-operations-changes-soldiers-sacks-commander-2023-11-19/
  2. I notice that you rarely comment on issues lately, but instead focus on ad hominem. Is it because you've been so consistently and embarrassingly wrong on nearly everything that you're afraid to say anything of substance?
  3. RIP. 🍺 - Chief Warrant Officer 3 Stephen R. Dwyer, 38, of Clarksville, Tennessee -Chief Warrant Officer 2 Shane M. Barnes, 34, of Sacramento, California. -Staff Sergeant Tanner W. Grone, 26, of Gorham, New Hampshire. -Sergeant Andrew P. Southard, 27, of Apache Junction, Arizona. -Sergeant Cade M. Wolfe, 24, of Mankato, Minnesota.
  4. Of all the countries named, the leadership of which is least likely to be around in a year? This problem has to be explained, and it's a problem the Biden admin needs to solve. They also know they're gonna give Ukraine the finger and let them drown. They've served their purpose. Not one real investigation has said Russia did it. We're obviously not going to blame any of our European allies. So WaPo published and explanation that a Ukrainian "special forces" officer who is currently (and conveniently) jailed in Ukraine for "abuse of power"... rented a sailboat and some scuba gear and blew up the pipeline. So it's all explained and nobody that matters gets their feelings hurt.
  5. LOL. The pivot will be from "We wouldn't do such a thing" to "I hope we do it again".
  6. From Putin’s henchmen deep inside the Washington Post:
  7. You may disagree with public sentiment, but ignore it at your own peril. There’s an increasing chance people’s feelings toward military service may be moving from apathetic toward antipathetic. https://x.com/usarmy/status/1721665315078127697?s=46
  8. "We should trust and support the government sending our money to Ukraine because we can't trust the government to spend the money wisely at home." You've read a lot of other posts here as to why we should be spending money on Ukraine. Some of them are actually understandable and intelligently argued. Why would you follow that up with what is perhaps the dumbest, most asinine argument of the entire thread?
  9. There is a lot of administrative ground work that needs to be laid for the US/NATO to prepare to defend itself.
  10. Got a call from my Rep regarding the message I left last week with a staffer. As I said, when researching the most recent Ukraine aid bill, I used the roll call to find out who voted for/against. When I got the call, I expressed all the concerns and arguments that I have made here. They were highly receptive. As a result, their office bought a social media ad asking constituents one question: "Do you support sending more Aid to Ukraine?" The answers were recorded on the Representative's website (results not public). However, the comments below the social media ad were telling. Perhaps 5% were in support of, and all the rest were something to the effect of "America First!" In my district, my Rep is supported overwhelmingly, but not on this issue it seems. It appears they may be changing their vote for the next one. Fingers crossed. I appreciate the opportunity to work on and improve my positions here so that when I have the chance to articulate them to someone that can act on them, I can feel hopeful I've made a difference.
  11. I think I found it on his twitter account. Looks like he's using an AI software called Leonardo.Ai. Several more are tagged with #promptshare. Mindblowing stuff. You have to clink on the ALT in the lower left of the photos/vids to see the prompts.
  12. We should have a recruiting office at every border crossing. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/11/01/army-suddenly-and-chaotically-told-hundreds-of-soldiers-they-have-be-recruiters-immediately.html/amp
  13. He does. Amazing stuff. A couple examples of the prompts he uses for the AI to create scenes : Filmstill Closeup, Masterfully crafted 38mm view from the remnants of an old overpass, now broken and suspended above the city's ruins. Vines snake around rusted car chassis and the remnants of a billboard which once advertised the marvels of the future. The golden hues of the setting sun glisten off the scattered remnants of shattered glass. Captured on classic Lomography film with a Minolta X-700, this visual sonnet speaks of urban dreams once held high, now returned to the embrace of the earth. Filmstill Closeup highlights a sapphire-hued circular object, levitating above a clear jungle pond. Its glow disturbs the water beneath, creating ripples that emit soft electric blue sparks. Trees encircling the pond appear ancient, with their bark glowing subtly, showcasing intricate vein networks. Looming in the backdrop, a monumental stone figure with its hands outstretched, as if presenting the floating orb, adds a layer of biblical gravitas to the scene. The balance of shadows and light, taking cues from Roger Deakins, renders the image both surreal and haunting.
  14. Fascinating observation. Thanks for your contribution.
  15. Yes. Guy who made it says he created a feature length movie only with text prompts in AI software. No, actors, no writers, no production, no designers, no special effects departments, just a computer.
  16. They’re climbing the White House fence. https://x.com/bennyjohnson/status/1720957827965960610?s=46 General John J. Pershing statue at our WWI memorial tonight.
  17. Duuude... AI is about to fuck up Hollywood.
  18. I'm trying to figure that, also. It's as though a switch was flipped yesterday. I searched "Ukraine Stalemate" in Google news and it seems all Western media is reporting on that all at once. Here's ABC news claiming this was something they knew all along. Ugh, https://abcnews.go.com/International/ukraine-generals-view-war-stalemate-appears-recognition-failed/story?id=104576525 My theory is: if I can reach a conclusion just from trying to glean a handful of facts from an ocean of bullshit, I know the media has been sitting on much more, and finally realized that reality can't be concealed, and it's time to cut bait and get ahead of yet another Biden Admin embarrassment.
  19. I can't believe you're falling for this Russian propaganda. Clearly, you hate America. 😄 Think you'll see any of your critics admit they were wrong in this thread when we finally bail on this pathetic shit show? That they spent a lot of time denigrating you and I while supporting the actions of leadership that has failed us time and again? Nah, they'll just say "We achieved our strategic objectives" or "We weren't really trying to defeat Russia, just weaken them." or "We're taking one on the chin to generously save the world from a nuclear apocalypse" Then they'll just quietly move on to the next "Thing" and get themselves all worked up trying to perform the mental gymnastics necessary to argue on behalf of the approved narrative. Zero self-reflection. Israel will be the next boat anchor around our necks. It's so incredibly easy to understand the world and be successful in it when a person (nation) can honestly look in the mirror and hold themselves to account first. Sometimes you're the problem. Fix that before trying to pin your fears and blame on everyone else. Is it too early to try and start accounting for all the money and equipment we'll abandon over there before it ends up on the black market and in the hands of our enemies?
  20. Uh oh, the narrative is collapsing faster than even I expected. I honestly can't believe this aired tonight. https://x.com/KanekoaTheGreat/status/1720588620640489750?s=20
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