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  1. I think most voters define their political beliefs not on positive positions on issues, but on the opposite of whatever the other side thinks. People voted for Newsom not because they like what he's doing, but because they dislike Trump and company. Sort of how like DeSantis is branding himself as "anti-woke" (his most popular legislation was even called the "Stop Woke Act"). I know, this is the hottest take of the century, but I think it's really the best description of how people currently vote. They read their favorite media website, which most certainly highlights the other side's shenanigans, and vote for the opposite of that.
  2. Once upon time during the GWOT, it was mongolian bbq night and I needed to take an ambien shortly after... it doesn't do anything unless I take it on an empty stomach, and a previous room tenant had left behind a mortar/pestle (I have questions!) and I had an empty syringe from go gel (this was before 100% accountability post-flight lololol) and a dark idea popped into my head. I didn't do it because I'm a toxic masculine man and my butt is a one way street, but I was about ten minutes away from crushing up the ambien, mixing it with water, and squirting it up. War will change a man.
  3. That seems like standard media headline fear mongering. The original article doesn't sound so bad. Although I can't imagine how the OG 'rona had a 100% fatality rate in lab mice. In any case, it isn't worse than what emerged in Wuhan all those years ago.
  4. Sort of related to money. If you haven’t read Sapien by Yuval Noah Harrari, you absolutely should. He puts forth the idea that Homo sapiens came to dominate the planet (as opposed to other species of humans) because of our ability to believe in “myth” or “a thing that only exists in the mind.” The reason why we can cooperate better than any other animal or species is that we can believe in a shared myth, such as the lion deity that will grant you good luck if you do a particular ritual, or in an afterlife which allows warriors to fight better than warriors who are afraid of death, or corporations that can exist across multiple countries, or money, which is the most powerful and common myth that nearly all cultures believe in. Because money is something that other people also place value in (as opposed to, say, bartering firewood or chicken eggs) then we can go anywhere on the planet and find people who believe in the same kind of value. His other book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century is also fantastic.
  5. I know what you're saying and I get your argument, but that's kind of my point. We know that mask mandates don't work, we know that the federal government completely blew it (both admins as well as the civilian agencies), we now know that the vaccine wasn't effective like a normal vaccine since you could still get it and spread it... we're 2.5 years later and we now have all this data that should convince any reasonable person of the above points (yours included). So that's what I'm referring to: why are people still arguing about mask and vaccine mandates when we now have the data to show they aren't effective? I'm one of those people who was completely in favor of mask and vaccine mandates because I bought into the fear of an unknown virus, but I've now completely flipped my position because we have the data that shows how ineffective these things are. The thing we should be arguing about is what should happen to repair the damage done not just by the virus but by the bungled response? Reparations? Reinstatement of servicemembers? More government spending? I really don't know.
  6. I know you're joking, but this really is going to be the future for life and disability insurance. Everyone knows how ads for recently purchased items with your credit card show up on Facebook. If it's that easy for FB to purchase your credit card transaction history, it'll be just as easy for any actuary to buy the same. "You 'say' you've never used tobacco products, but our records show you purchased vanilla cavendish at Smokey's Smoke Shop once a week for 20 years."
  7. The Bill Gates documentary on netflix (maybe hulu?) had an episode on his venture into nuclear power. It looked really awesome, with passive safety (the opposite of Fukushima: when it loses power, it can't help but shut off and avoid a meltdown), but the big problem they ran into was the Trump admin enacting rules that prevented them from working with China to actually develop it, as they are the only country with the means to make such a risky investment in such small prototype. Whether or not that was worth it, the point still stands that nuclear really needs to be the backbone of our power grid, complemented with solar/wind when available, especially to power the desalination plants that southern California is going to need when Lake Mead dries up.
  8. lol why are people still arguing about COVID? there aren't any mask mandates anymore, people who want the vaccine got it, it'll be no different than an annual flu variant (and vaccine if you want it), let's just move on already. Or am I missing something because my mask is a DD-214?
  9. https://www.sfgate.com/sfhistory/article/mysterious-disappearance-of-william-hughes-17351393.php?IPID=SFGate-HP-CP-Spotlight Things must have been wild before the digital age, when you could just go start a new life somewhere even if you're a wanted criminal. It also brings to mind this tragic story about the drone Captain who went AWOL and died in a shootout just north of San Francisco a few years back. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/15/us/drones-airstrikes-ptsd.html
  10. Air Force amn/nco/snco is the new John Q Public
  11. Wait, you guys don't remember when you chose to be straight? Or any of your other sexual preferences/kinks? (This is sarcastic).
  12. God this hits me too close to home.... it reminds my of when my daughter showed me this and felt like it was a personal attack on me:
  13. Finding hypocritical politicians is like finding a needle in a needle store on customer appreciation day. It's way more difficult to find one that is actually authentic and consistent.
  14. "The interim report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction called the US decision to withdraw -- conceived by the Trump administration in 2020 and implemented by the Biden administration in 2021 -- the "single most important factor" behind the collapse of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces." I love how the root cause of Afghanistan's collapse was "the United States left."
  15. For a point of reference with respect to Teslas and USAA: I financed through USAA, since they offered a .5% lower rate if you checked the box for "auto pay" and I also have insurance through them. I live in the Sierra Nevada, have a $500 deductible, and pay $144 per month ($867 for six months). We have a unique driving situation and put on a ton of miles per month, so we had to get a Tesla for the range. Since we're in the mountains, we needed AWD, but the Model 3 uses an electrical resistance heater so we paid a little more for the Model Y, which uses a far more efficient heat pump. I cannot believe how amazing an electric car is, not to mention we're actually saving money by driving this instead of paying for gas, even including my loan payment. If you're just looking for a daily commuter and don't need 300 miles of range, then there are better cars out there. Autopilot is cool but I'd be totally fine driving a cheaper car without it.
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