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  1. Allow me to put another spin on this. I prefer flying with pax. Never had to divert for a sick person, but you're on company time and pay protected for the trip anyway, and honestly I'd rather be the guy in the chain of events who helped saved a dude's life. I also like having kids come up on a preflight, sitting in the seat, and giving them the little plastic wings. I like chatting with FA's in the cockpit during bathroom breaks because some of them are really cool and from all different walks of life, and a not-insignificant amount of them are curious about aviation. Hell, most of them are locals and so we talk about local stuff too. IMO most of the people who say boxes don't bitch tend to be rather misanthropic anyway. I actually enjoy human interaction, but to each their own.
  2. If a jet hadn't crashed in the 90s because of a runaway trim, it wouldn't be nearly as stressed in training. Just like how unscheduled rudder and dutch roll recovery was glossed over until 2013 even though there's warnings and boldface addressing it in the manual. If you need 5000 hours of military heavy jet time just to safely fly a boring vanilla passenger jet, that's a severe design flaw. And those flaws stem from the original sin of Boeing's greed followed by the FAA's incompetence. And it's wild to me that actual pilots will sit here with a crabs in the bucket mentality shitting on foreign dudes while Boeing was caught red handed at the crime scene with the murder weapon.
  3. You know what, the only one who can 100% answer that question is the training department at your airline. Call them up and ask them, and let us know what they say. edited to add: Just sell the leave back dude. Stop trying to game a system that you have no experience with. We don't even know which airline you're talking about, so the question is pointless.
  4. There's not many ways to permanently fuck up an airline career, but getting fired off of probation and having to explain it at every future interview because you tried to pull some slick shit at the end of active duty and got caught is probably one of them.
  5. There's few things more satisfying than watching retired dudes complain about new changes in the military but knowing that they are utterly powerless and impotent to really do anything about it. And every year tens of thousands more retire/separate, and get replaced with a new batch of young people.
  6. Well, I for one was pretty eager to give up my individuality and upload my consciousness into the gay space communism hivemind (powered by aborted fetuses, probably) in order to keep making beaucoup $$$. I'm not really a fascist, though, just an opportunist.
  7. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    On that note, rumor mill saying that Lewis has convinced Toto and Mercedes to drop the court case entirely. I gotta say, he has handled this whole thing with a hell of a lot more class than you could ask of any human.
  8. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    It doesn't matter if you don't feel sorry for Lewis not getting an 8th. It doesn't matter if the 5 cars were the only ones that mattered. What matters is that everything was completely arbitrary. In this case, everyone is under a safety car, and you're coming up on the last lap. Every time up to this point in F1 history, when they've decided to unlap cars, it's either been all or nothing. And in the rulebook, the safety car is supposed to exit the lap after the unlapped cars. In either case, the race should have ended on a safety car -- that's what's in the rulebook. So, if you're Merc, it makes sense to not pit Lewis because you'd give up the lead. The problem is, the race director decided to unlap only 5 cars, and pulled out the safety car early. It was completely arbitrary, one that gave Max a massive competitive advantage at the most critical decision point of the whole season. It's like getting hooked for flying a Q1 approach because the CC doesn't like the Vol 2 standards, but then not even telling you until you're in the flare. And when you complain, the CC investigates himself and finds that he has committed no wrongdoing.
  9. joe1234

    F1 Thread

    Well, I imagine that's because his pitting strategy probably relied upon the idea that FIA would actually follow their own rulebook. Congrats to Max. It just sucks to get 99.99% of the way to a championship, only for the ref to help push you over the finish line.
  10. There's more pieces to the puzzle than just population. Gate utilization and availability being an important one. Even then, you have to separate connecting traffic from origin/destination traffic. Maybe it's easier to route people through LAX or DFW than PHX.
  11. I didn't suggest that, someone else did. And just because an FEB is possible, doesn't mean it's probable. A lot of things would have to precipitate that. Not surprising...most active duty pilots live in constant fear for their careers, and thus are easily intimidated. Which I always thought was kinda sad. Oh well.. sucks to suck.
  12. If dude was already an IP, he's probably good on PIC hours. And then, what, FEB a guy because he made a safety of flight call the CC didn't like, despite an otherwise unblemished flying record? 1. The board would laugh and reinstate the pilot immediately. 2. Everyone in his chain would get embarrassed and look like jackasses. 3. The CC would lose all trust and credibility with his instructor corps over such a pointless and petty decision to pull the qual. 4. It'd make a great story at an airline/guard unit interview about being committed to safety in a toxic flying culture. Active duty is notorious for that BS and I assure you being a yes-man PIC is NOT seen as an attractive quality on the outside.
  13. Same pay for zero responsibility sounds like a hell of a deal to me.
  14. Look, I'll take weather down to mins any day of the week (what can I say, I'm a badass), but if you put a PIC's name on the flight authorization, then the decision to go or not yours; it's his. Doesn't matter if you think he's being weak, or isn't living up to his qualification level, or whatever else. The only opinion that matters is the PIC's. Doesn't matter if it's 300-3/4 or CAVOK. It's his prerogative. Either cut a new authorization with a new PIC, or deal with it. You don't like how he makes decisions? Stop putting him on flights. Maybe there's another conversation to be had with that guy's unit commander, but lol if he's a guard dude, because nobody is going to believe some deployed active duty DO nerd over one of their own experienced EPs.
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