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  1. Well shit. Now I have to burn my new commercial airplane driving career to the the ground...ok maybe not entirely...but I'm very glad my current Boeing ride outdates him. Either way, I'd never trust my life to ANYTHING that asshat is involved in. I wouldn't trust him with a wet paper bag. If it's not clear, presented face to face, I'd punch that guy until teeth fell out...then I'd keep punching.
  2. Bite your tongue and punch yourself repeatedly in the balls. That...[expletive deleted]...was not, nor will he ever be, a herc guy. Never. He might have been a tanker guy, but I don't want to put that on any of the tanker bros either.
  3. Lets face it, there are two events we all don't want to happen: a military intervention of Russia invading Ukraine, and Russians directly threatening more countries. No western nation has the stomach to stop the current (continuing) invasion, yet no one wants Russia on their own doorstep either. It's a Catch-22. If we (western nations) don't want to deal with an increasingly power hungry Russia tomorrow, we have to do something today...which we don't want to do. Long game, or short game. Sometimes winning at one means losing at the other. I don't have the right answer. All I know is that America's current leadership is clearly not up to the mental and moral gymnastics needed to successfully navigate these waters to an outcome that is beneficial for our nation, not to mention beneficial for other nations and our collective future.
  4. https://www.flyingmag.com/air-force-strategies-chipping-away-at-pilot-shortfall/?fbclid=IwAR2i0AtmUoerhsr_xcvmMvRG_Hyyc4ODNsfjFzOMjVupTU9TXqlJT7U2XFw Apparently retention is working. Who knew?
  5. Here's a thought experiment to help evaluate the justice involved here: Swap the skin colors or genders of the two individuals involved. Do you think the outcome would be different? If so, the results of this case are unjust.
  6. I do know of guys that make it work. The important thing when analyzing these kinds of situations is that what works or doesn't work for someone else DOES NOT indicate likely success or failure for you. Each case is very unique, and should be treated as such. You'd be surprised how it can be done. Example: One guy flies for Allegiant, is home almost every night, and has grandparents that help out with custody.
  7. You and me both. I actually no longer associate Biden with the current administration as he's pretty much just a talking head as best I can tell. The rest of the administration, and the complete lack of media oversight and questioning is what bothers me. Previously, the president and everyone around him couldn't sneeze without media questioning, casting shade and doubts about what they're doing. Now? Not so much. Knowing the sheer number of nameless and faceless individuals setting agendas and policy in closed briefing rooms with absolutely no oversight should be concerning. I don't believe those individuals are nefarious...but without oversight and public awareness...who's in charge?
  8. Do you think the current administration is fighting against, or helping along that Chinese agenda?
  9. So we can't discuss "that the Jan 6 violence was a result of FBI 'encouragement'" but instead we should readily believe that the the Jan 6 violence was a result of Trump, his sons, Rudy Giuliani, and all the Alex Jones type "media" figure's 'encouragement'? I'm literally no neither side of this argument, but what you just said doesn't pass any kind of logic test. That's literally a dressed up version of "Don't listen to them because they're wrong. Listen to me because I'm right!" Can I buy some facts please? People here are attempting to follow facts. Such as the fact that a man was recorded actively encouraging a mob...who then decried him as a fed btw...to go into the capitol building. The FBI put him on the watchlist...then promptly remove him from their watch list entirely, and then refuse to acknowledge who he is. Even if he is/was an FBI plant, what he was inciting the croud to do is illegal...and he was recorded...with his knowledge...inso doing. Yet no FBI pursuit. That doesn't sound suspicious to you? At all? More importantly, if you can't see the political benefit of encouraging a political opponent's base to riot and go into (can we call it invading?) government offices, I beg you to step back and see the forest for the trees. The benefits are incalculable. Why do you think they're bring it up again a year later? One person died, and then the capitol of our republic, by the people for the people, was shut off from the people through military means. Meanwhile, where is the outcry over the CHAZ? Where are the news stories commemorating how the federal, state, and local governments are helping the hundreds of citizens killed, injured, displaced, or otherwise negatively impacted by the events all across the west coast? Do you even know the death toll from the CHAZ? I'll spell it out: Getting your enemies to attack you and make you look like the victim when you are in power gives you more power. That's how bullies and thugs operate. They bully who they don't like until that person attacks them back, the bully times it so the response occurs in front of the principle or the police, so the bully looks like the victim. This is nothing new, and politicians are REALLY good at it. If you cannot objectively see how both sides of the political spectrum, especially the extremists in power seats right now, are crafting the narrative to sway your opinion, well, I politely ask you to stop watching CNN and/or Fox News for a minute and read a little more history about how countries collapse. We're showing all the symptoms friend. It's not good...and the current leaders are making it much, much worse.
  10. Awesome post. ...but brown is better...
  11. I separated in 2020...it was a great year to start a new AFRC job AND a new Airline job. I was set for a May date, but got a 3 month delay to Aug. It's possible, but definitely not enjoyable. I didn't get my approval for the delay until 3 days before my May separation date...no stress there, right? In your shoes, I'd set a separation date 12 months out and try to stick with it. Set your airline available date to that day. The MOMENT you get terminal leave approved (which should be 90 days prior to get orders in hand, not a commander's verbal), re-update your available date on all airline apps. The airlines understand that these mil dates can be fluid, so if you interview, get accepted, then have the date change because AFPC is...well...horrible at their job, you're probably ok for one 'I can start training on this date' change with the airline that hires you. The airlines appear to do class scheduling about 3-6 months in advance at the most. It feels like it's a lot less then that at some though. The ACMI I used to work for gave some guys who were waiting for a class date 3 days of notice to get to class. The only DO NOT is to say you are available when you know you're not, and then plan on getting grace from the airline. You say you're available, be available.
  12. As guys are saying here: Blast to all. Take the first one you get, then get picky. As a mil guy, you need to do one important thing: FLUSH the concept loyalty-based transactional employment. The military actually drills this into us, and we don't realize it. Yes, be loyal to your union and company, but in the end, it's all about the Benjamins. They'd furlough you, so don't feel bad about "wasting a training seat" or some such. Be civil about it if you need to drop out of a class, but don't sweat it either. Speaking to cargo. Yes, it's AWESOME. You'll fly nights, but it's not really that bad, and the pay is worth the disrupted sleep cycle. (by contrast many of those pax pilots are striving to get on a widebody...where you fly lots of overseas nights) Not dealing with pax is completely worth it. Don't buy the hype that cargo is a difficult one to land. If you're specifically looking at UPS or FedEx, yes the process isn't as simple as the pax carriers...but it's not rocket surgery and it's completely worth it. No one knows how UPS hires. Fill out the app and keep updating, it's an exercise in patience. FedEx still has the kick-in-the-shins 2-day interview process from hell. Oh yeah, and update that app every 2 weeks and start as far out (over a year is good) as you can. Both are excellent companies with outstanding pilot groups where you'll want to spend your career. It's the best part-time job in the world. Last bit: Don't be afraid to spend time at a last choice airline. I separated at 17 years while 3 years non-current, joined the reserves and a not-first-choice airline where I worked for a year. It got me a type rating that probably led to getting hired by my top choice. Experience is experience and it helps you get hired. That's happening a lot these days. I'm in training now at my second 121 carrier. We had several people no-show the training, and one guy quit training halfway through to go to another carrier...this is at a top-end company mind you. I saw that happen in both of the 121 training pipelines. It happens all the time. I've personally hear of guys no-showing to training (by taking a different job) at Delta, United, America, UPS, and FedEx. PM me if you want more specifics. I spent the last four years giving this whole process a very hard stare, so it's fresh.
  13. Surprisingly some of the best naval aviation videography I've seen recently. Definitely worth a look, even with the CGI, the F-35 shots are pretty cool.
  14. Did some googling, and it appears this STO trainee chick has been a golden child her whole career. It appears she was an elite college runner at USAFA who got out of her 2LT years by training for for the 2016 Olympics...but it doesn't look like she went. According to her USAFA running bio she wanted to be a pilot, but apparently didn't make that cut either. Not sure what AFSC she was in before trying for STO, but it feels like this all has nothing to do with capability, and has everything to do with creating the first black female STO, regardless of standards. Sounds like she wants the beret without the bruises. Welcome to a military created by diversity and inclusion. I'm sure Russia and China do this too.
  15. Because I haven't said it in a while... I hereby reword my normal perennial statement: "Don't take the bonus!" It now reads: Take the bonus. The signing bonus from every airline hiring right now. Seriously. If money is a factor. Leave right now.
  16. Good. It's about time we stop hammer home the importance of a perfectly flown VOR-A instead of focusing on the employment end of the stick. Glad to hear that's happening earlier in the program. Students are universal in this: They will meet whatever bar we set.
  17. ...you might be surprised what really happens these days...
  18. Quoted for posterity and emphasis. This statement nails dead on the problem with our public policy decision making these past two years...and probably farther back then that. America has been lied to for too long for us to naturally trust anything that comes from a politician or federal agency.
  19. While I'd like to agree, what I've witnessed in 2021 has me doubting that all people actually know this. I'm pretty sure there is a large section of our population that believes...wrongly...that the 1st Amendment means they can say whatever they want and receive no consequences, regardless of what they said.
  20. Those wondering what happened to Rainman...he's been located.
  21. Wait, you watched John Wayne moving pictures...in color?! I knew you were a hippie
  22. Ah, dismissal of opposing viewpoints based on derisive and stubborn refusal to apply critical thought to one's own point of the view...that distinctive quality in younger generations that older generations seriously hate. Hey boomers, guess where the generation you raised learned that skill. P.S. Guess who approved all the scooters, hoverboards, and other such stupidity in an attempt to make the military trendy...especially in the USAF? Yeah, boomer and gen-x general officers and chiefs...and not the good ones. Not hating, simply identifying facts.
  23. Stop it. You know how many times that's been said in this country? From Loyalists to Hippies to Socialists...someone different has posed a mortal threat to our country...yet here we are. I'm not denying the existence of threats, they are quite real. However melodrama and 'the sky is falling' never once countered one of these threats correctly. Rather, a levelheaded, rational and logically compassionate understanding of facts that then lead to appropriate action (incremental changes) have always helped advance our country. The only people I give no quarter to are those who want immediate action, right now, to destroy the extreme threat to our existence! When you fight fire with fire, all you get is ash. We all need to calm down, yell less, and listen better. Declaring the end times at the top of our lunges does not help. For reference, imagine a SAC warrior's response to seeing golf carts carrying lazy crews to their airplanes, instead of those crew members running at top speed to practice getting off the ground before the Bears get here. Same idea. Just because it's different doesn't mean it's wrong... I'm looking at you M2!
  24. “I knew I wanted a flying job, nothing too dirty or fixing things,” Widman told the Tampa Bay Times in 2005.
  25. In my civil life, I operate a plane that will land itself in bad weather. Why on earth is weather even a discussion topic in military aviation at this point? It should be motherhood that in a briefing would sound like: "we'll autoland if needed, standard, next?" I know. I know. I also fly basic female dog airplanes in the reserve... I'm just saying, Lemay would be very sad at the state of how our military leverages tech right now...rightly so...
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