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  1. 1 hour ago, torqued said:

    Someone really wants him gone before 2024.

    I think he’s doing a good enough job of that on his own.  

    I predict the lid gets blown off of the Bidens soon. I think the classified docs, the insane amounts of money, his health, Hunter, the drugs, the laptop, the Chinese, the Penn Biden Center, etc are all connected.  I truly believe the smoking gun will be found in the classified docs.  I don’t think the powers in DC or in the media can keep it hidden for much longer.  

    Hopefully, people’s eyes are finally opened to what the elites are up to and we get the massive reset we need in this country.  

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  2. 4 hours ago, FLEA said:

    So what? Men should just remain powerless to the system knowing their entire lives can be ruined by a spiteful or vengeful ex-girlfriend at any time? Did you know you can be ordered to pay child support for a child that is DNA proven not to be yours? Look it up.

    Men aren’t entirely powerless.  I’m divorced from my first wife and mother of my oldest daughter.  That ex-wife is bat shit crazy and did all kinds of things to attempt to ruin my life and my relationships.  I fought like hell for my daughter.  Because that is what a man does.  They fight for their family.  They protect their kids.  It was easy to get custody of my daughter based on my ex wife’s documented behavior.  It was certainly expensive and stressful but it wasn’t hard.  

    I am honestly baffled by the comments here.  Been in the military a long time and been around these forums a long time.  I’m surprised because the mindset and opinions on this topic runs completely contrary to what most of us stand for.  

    Or maybe I’m missing a few people’s points here.  But what I hear is that if a woman can be the sole decision maker when it comes to abortion or leaves their newborn at a fire station then a man should be able to abandon their child.  I can’t get behind that.  Maybe because I despise dead beat dads.  

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  3. 13 minutes ago, HeloDude said:

    Women can abandon their newborns without persecution…they’re called Safe Haven Laws.  All I ask is that men have the same rights as women.  We can discuss the morality piece separately if you’d like.


    We talking about a woman’s right to anonymously give their newborn child up or abortion?  

  4. 7 hours ago, Biff_T said:

    It's not about fathers abandoning children.  It's about highlighting the hypocrisy with "my body right".   No matter how you feel about abortion, it's legal in most states.   A woman kills her unborn child for convenience and is labeled a hero.  A man, who goes out for a pack of cigarettes, is a deadbeat.   

    We've all probably done or seen worse things concerning humans than talking about abortion.   If we're not evil now, we'll never be.  

    I stand by what I said.  You don’t fix evil with more evil.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Basic life lessons there.  It may be legal to have an abortion.  That certainly doesn’t mean that men should be able to abandon their kids.  Hypocrisy, fairness, “my body right” - whatever….   Hell, if men didn’t abandon their kids there would be much much less abortion.  

  5. The entire conversation is just so sickening.  We are talking about mothers being able to kill their babies and if they don’t then the father being able to abandon them.  These conversations slowly creep along until you are drowning in evil and don’t even recognize it.  

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  6. 2 hours ago, filthy_liar said:

    I don't believe there is fraud enough to overturn an election.  I could be dead wrong, but I haven't seen the evidence.  So if its not election fraud, what is it?  

    The definition of election fraud has changed.  Pay close attention to what Elon Musk is exposing.  

    The truth always come out.  

  7. He’s not stupid.  He garnered such a huge following and won the election because he was not part of the machine.  He stood there and told Hillary to her face that “she’d be in jail”.  Your average American had been waiting for someone - anyone to say that to someone like Hillary Clinton.  He followed that campaign with a massive number of successful policies.  And the machine went all in on him.  He could have gotten up off the mat, dusted himself off, learned from the experience and came back with a stronger message.   But he didn’t.  He’s selling trading cards and continues to make outlandish claims.  Which is why I don’t think he’s serious about running again even though he announced his candidacy.  And that’s ok with me.  

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  8. I get really irritated with the “election denier” claims that are made against people by the media.  It’s the end of democracy blah blah blah.  Their defense is always to go on the offense.  It was absolutely crystal clear during that election cycle that there was interference going on.  And it wasn’t the Russians on behalf of Trump like we were told for years and years.  The election was rigged by social media, the mainstream media, the Democrat Party and 3 letter agencies of the government.  Trump was crushed by the machine while Biden was propped up.  All while suppressing Hunter’s shenanigans and business dealings.  It’s all going to start coming out starting with what Musk is doing with Twitter.  

    And it’s not like we got anything good out of it.  This administration is an absolute train wreck.

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  9. 1 hour ago, filthy_liar said:

    lloyd, fair question.  For your first question, I found value in E-1s through MSgt.  For the most part.  After that, whenever I was trying to get new equipment or justify a larger budget, or expand a mission set, hand out discipline or maintain morale - it was always a zebra that ed things up.  Never my group or wing commander (except for discipline...the WG was always breathing down my neck for those).  The last few years of my career I started asking the question...why are these senior E's bothering me about my mission. What do these folks actually do?  

    For your second question, not a recent experience.  I retired in 2015.  

    It sounds like your career ran from roughly 1995 to 2015.  There were definitely some really shitty AF leaders during those years.  

    I don’t have any opinions on you trying to get new equipment, justifying a larger budget or expanding mission sets.  I wasn’t there so I can’t speak to the unique challenges that folks in your organization faced.

    However, “maintaining morale” and “handing out discipline” is something I think I can speak to.  It’s helpful to remember that the Es like to handle that stuff in house.  When it comes to maintaining morale there is often a disconnect in what the Es are interested in and what the Os are interested in.  A lot of times it comes down to what the younger Es can afford.  IRT discipline, it’s sometimes best to let the Es handle it and let the Os have plausible deniability. 

    I often remind myself that, as Es, we are not only leading our folks, we are raising young men and women.  The officers have completed college, gone through a commissioning process and are typically older.  That is completely different than getting a 19 year dude/dudette that just graduated HS.  They are often immature and most have just left home for the first time.

    I say all of this to hopefully help you with better memories of the enlisted leaders that you served with.  They had very different challenges, responsibilities and goals than you did (assuming you were an officer).


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  10. 13 minutes ago, Lord Ratner said:

    Conservatives have to talk to liberals. That's the solution. Those conversations have to happen without all of the usual conversational violations that shut down any chance of consensus or persuasion. Some examples:

    - Strawmanning 

    - Acting as though the person you're talking to is responsible for, or agrees with, all the ideas/opinions of someone else just because they voted for the same party

    - Assumption of ill-intent

    - Using perjoratives to describe the party or the politicians they support our have supported. This is an implicit insult. "That fucking moron Joe Biden," for example, implies that anyone who voted for him must also be stupid, because only an idiot would vote for an idiot. Libtards is another example.

    - Spiking the football when you prove them wrong

    - Forcing someone to own a previously held opinion even though they may have changed their mind since then.

    You get the idea. It's all the exact same shit the liberals have been doing to conservatives for as long as I've been alive. But this isn't about what's fair, because it's not at all fair; it's about what works. Conservatives, as a group and as individuals, have to decide if they want to fix the society, or be viewed as the winners of a battle. Those are mutually exclusive goals.

    “Conservatives have to talk to liberals”.  Have you seen what happens when conservative speakers show up on college campuses?  

    You don’t get to blame conservatives for the lack of productive conversation, insults or straw-manning.  Not even close.  It is the Democrat party and the left that is the party of division and hate.  It is intentional and designed to increase power, both personally and politically.  Reference words like bigot, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobe, nazi, white supremacist, extremist, etc.  

    I agree, the average moderate Democrat isn’t some raging member of the squad.  However, you can’t ignore the progressive left’s tactics, language or policies.  The Democrat party owns it all.  The solution is for the Democrat party to police itself.   Not continue to blame republicans.  


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  11. 2 hours ago, Lord Ratner said:

    - All white people are racist. Actually racist against minorities.

    - The current border situation is ok

    - Abortion should be allowed for any reason on the day of delivery (this one *never* survives contact with a parent, and only rarely survives with anyone else)

    - 5 year olds should be given irreversible hormones if they think they are a different gender

    - The police are systemically killing unarmed black people (have to be able to cite FBI statistics)

    - Homeless people should be free to live the way they are living now in most cities

    Over and over and over I'm amazed at how quickly these insane ideas disintegrate upon the first instance of the well-intentioned liberal having to explain it to someone who isn't making fun of them, using some stupid nickname to describe their affiliation, or (and this is the big one) implying right off the bat that anyone who's would vote for a politician who supports/makes these claims must be stupid, unpatriotic, or evil.

    Every situation or narrative you listed above has either been created by, promoted, defended or championed by democrats.  Elected democrats aren’t changing their stance on the policies that created these issues, they are doubling down.  Every day there are more examples of Democrat policies getting more and more insane. Hopefully, November 8th will be a wake up call for democrats.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, disgruntledemployee said:

    So the Saudi plan is working.... manipulate oil prices to deplete US reserves, then exploit til the US is their bitch.

    Yep.  And as much as I want Trump to go away he’s the only one that will tell them to fuck off.  

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  13. 2 hours ago, ClearedHot said:

    NP2000 looks really good right about now.

    I know what you’re saying.  Problem is, NP2000 isn’t going to look good for many months if not years for the entire H model fleet.  Think of the issues with keeping folks current and proficient.  Check rides?  The 189th at KLRF is grounded.  That’s the FTU…   

    This is a major issue that will have lasting effects.  There are already countless requests for airlift that go unfilled.  The army will suffer greatly from the lack of jump support.  There are currently 5 ANG units that fly the C-130J and 3 of them are in conversion.  That limits their capabilities based on experience and pay statuses.  

    Been a C-130 guy for 20 years now.  I know the sky is always falling and then it isn’t.  Things always work out.  But, this one is bad.  

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  14. 1 hour ago, Majestik Møøse said:

    ☠️CMSAF in shambles

    I’ve posted this before but I’ll tell the story again.  I’ll never forget sitting in the base theatre in the Middle East around Xmas 2020.  We had the opportunity to listen to the CSAF, CMSAF and the Sec of the AF.  I was genuinely interested in what they had to say.  There was a lot going on at the time.  Most notably, Covid.  We had been through a lot just to get in theatre with quarantines and such.   

    I sat there and listened to two women and a black four star general talk for an hour about social issues, discrimination and how we all needed to do better.  That’s all they talked about   

    It was one of many turning points in my long AF career.  And it was one of the most disappointing.  I can’t even say that they thanked us for being there during the holidays.  

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