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  1. 3 hours ago, Day Man said:

    yeah dude...crazy

    Trump plans to hold news conference on January 6 riot anniversary

    Powerful picture for sure.  I don’t really see the equivalency though.  We can have a discussion on what exactly Trump really said around January 6th and why your fellow American citizens were so angry with the way the government/media/social media, etc handled themselves leading up to that election.  

    The irony is that these people have largely been proven right in their concerns over the 2020 election.  They’ve been proven right based on where we are right now.  Look around.  It was all a sham.  Biden was unfit then and he’s unfit now.   The Democratic Party is collapsing under the weight of its own making.

    I was specifically referencing these sick and elderly politicians holding on to power up until the moment they die.  They won’t let go.  And I’m honestly wondering just how sick the President really is.  

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  2. I’m seeing a common pattern with democrats refusing to give up power.  Diane Feinstein died in office.  So did Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Now Sheila Jackson Lee.  Curious how sick Biden really is.   

  3. I’m having a hard time keeping up with what is going with our government right now.  Now, we’ve got a sitting US Senator, Democrat from NJ Menendez, convicted on all charges related to bribery, conspiracy, etc.  Sounds like he could be just the 16th Senator in our country’s history to be removed from the Senate.

    This story will be absolutely nothing come September when Hunter goes on trial in California for his tax issues.  That laptop and all of the other evidence that is out there will completely expose the Biden’s as the corrupt family that they are.  It’s all going to come out during the trial.   


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  4. 4 minutes ago, Negatory said:

    You literally did exactly what you said he would do.

    A non sequitur that entirely avoids addressing the absolutely appalling and sad performance from Biden as well, because you are so mad and don’t want Trump to win. Check your morals brother. Oh. Right.

    Fixed it for you.  

  5. The starting point in the conversation should be:  Why at this point in history are human beings, at an incredibly higher rate, having these mental issues?

    It’s clearly a cultural phenomenon or societal issue and not biological. 

    The lack of parenting leads to kids raising themselves under heavy heavy influence by a new phenomenon - social media. 

    The adults should be addressing this and not condoning or supporting it.  Especially, medical providers.  But, it’s big business and generates huge sums of money.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Danger41 said:

    Not a mobility guy but what’s the elevator speech of who is responsible for what in an airdrop? Who rigs the chutes, QC’s them, etc? AC ultimately responsible for that or not?

    User initially rigs the load in their shop.  A before loading JAI -Joint Airdrop Inspection is completed at that time and before its at the aircraft.  The loadmasters flying the mission load and rig what needs done on the aircraft.  An additional JAI is completed after it’s done. The JAI completing the inspection on the aircraft works with the loads  flying to complete the process.  The JAI typically doesn’t fly on the aircraft and is definitely not primary crew.  Lots of signatures on the JAI form to ensure it is correct.  There are certain things the loads can’t see such as the guts of the parachute.  You have to assume it was packed properly.  
    These are CDS drops.  Kind of hard to screw up if you know what you’re doing.  

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  7. I don’t think the Dems can contain this issue with Biden anymore.  There is absolutely no doubt that he is in rapid decline.  It’s sad and very hard to watch but most of all, it’s dangerous for our country.  The world is watching this unfold.  The special council’s report, whether intentional or not, is the death knell for his presidency.  I think we are a week or two out from Biden’s resignation. The Dems will get their woman/woman of color as POTUS at least until Jan 2025 which is what they really want.  The election will play itself out without Biden one way or another.  It’ll be really fascinating and sad to get the truth about what really happened with the Biden’s when he’s gone.  The truth will come out.  

  8. Attack and destroy the two parent traditional family and abort millions of babies.  Import illegal immigrants to make up for the declining birth rate.  

    I also read somewhere that this administration is pro illegal immigration because of the money.  Lots of articles above related to mayors, governors and the feds needing billions and billions of dollars to handle the influx.  It’s a way to funnel massive amounts of money into the system.  No different than Covid.  Makes sense…. 

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  9. 20 hours ago, FourFans said:

    Not a poke in the eye, this statement just got me thinking. 

    When did we start looking at flying in the weather and pushing it hard in training as a bad thing?  It's the military.  We're supposed to be able to deliver anytime, anywhere, in any conditions.  In my last 5 years before retiring last year, I saw anything that even approached that attitude as being reviled.  In a different world (think Cold War...which we're in again...) this crew MIGHT (depending on what actually happened) have been commended for bringing the jet all the way back and mostly in tact despite what appears to have been an airborne fire.   Instead, the default now is 'who's to blame' and 'why did we take so much risk'.  The military culture used to embrace risk takers.  Go look up documentaries of how the British SAS/SOE used to train their operatives.  Death was normal and expected.  Hell dudes in the USAF in the 50's used to routinely crash jets.  Not abhorant, just expected and normal risk.  Save your life, save the jet if you can.  Get yelled at.  Go do it again tomorrow.  Do difficult and dangerous things specifically because doing those things makes you better.

    Now...not so much. 

    Observation, not critique.

    I think we should be able to discuss ORM without jumping straight to this is the military so we should be all gas and no brakes.  I’m glad we aren’t crashing airplanes like we did in the 50’s, getting yelled at and doing it again the next day…  

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  10. 10 hours ago, 08Dawg said:

    RUMINT in the bomber community is a very serious EP (jet on fire) prior to the approach. Weather was an eyelash above ILS mins. First day back flying after Christmas/New Years. Helluva first day back…

    I get it. We fly and are qualified to operate in bad weather.  However, you’ve got to look at the bigger picture.  It’s cold as shit there, first day back from the long holidays and the weather was horrible.  Approach a day like that anticipating the worst case scenario and break the error chain on the ground by cancelling a training line.  You can do it another day.  Sounds like these guys experienced that worst case scenario (serious EP/jet on fire).  The accident report will be interesting to read.  I’m curious how much blame goes to the SOF or leadership for leaning too far forward.  

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  11. 12 hours ago, Danger41 said:

    That’s how I remembered it as well. He then said something how everyone needs a Q3 for some reason since he’d given out dozens.

    As the CC or DO, you (CAT 5) should be taking a long hard look in the mirror at your own leadership style if you feel like you need to hand out dozens of Q3s in your own damn squadron.  I can’t imagine looking at my section and seeing a single Q3 let alone dozens. 

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  12. a few thoughts.  

    The Colorado (not lots of electoral votes) play is likely designed to get the SCOTUS response.  The next State (CA) (lots of electoral votes) will know how to more effectively get him off of their ballot having seen SCOTUS’ cards.  

    We are in the middle of a “cold” civil war.  There is no way for either side to win.  

    The left ALWAYS does what they accuse the right of doing.  It’s their standard play.  Collude with foreign actors?  The Trump collusion story was completely fabricated but it’s becoming very clear the Biden’s did exactly that. Threaten democracy?  Republicans aren’t doing anything close to threatening democracy.  The border is wide open.  The left is attempting to remove Trump from state’s ballots, changing state election laws, trying to keep him in court on baseless accusations, keeping him off social media to suppress his voice, etc.  Insurrections?  You can say the word all you want but that doesn’t mean a bunch of pissed off citizens (for the reasons above) were doing anything other than rioting.  They certainly weren’t trying to overthrow the US government.  Meanwhile, federal buildings and police stations were attacked for an entire summer by leftist.   Racism?  Democrat policies are DESTROYING the black community.  Always have.  Hell, the Republican Party was literally founded to fight the expansion of slavery.  Tyrannical government?  Look at the difference in red and blue responses to Covid.  I could keep going but I won’t.  

    This is all pure fucking madness.  It’s like living in a bad dream.  And it gets worse everyday. 

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  13. 2 hours ago, Negatory said:

    Go ahead and explain why does it affect your poor Christian family if another family that you have never interacted with gets an abortion 2 cities over? Get out of people’s lives. Also, are you suddenly okay with it if it’s just across state borders? Choose a side. If you’re gonna play the pathos argument and then go straight to a legal logos you just sound disingenuous. Which you are. But you sound like it, too.

    Disingenuous?  This argument would stand a much better chance of being solved if the pro-abortion side was honest about their intent.  The truth is, people who are pro-abortion are scared of ruining their careers, commitment, finances and scared of the changes to their body should they have a child.  Can’t have stretch marks in this social media crazed day and age.  

    Instead we get to argue over some arbitrary number of weeks.  It’s all the same in the end, you’re ending your own child’s life.  Or, we get to talk about things that are statistically irrelevant like rape and incest.  Or, we get to talk about the life of the mother which is getting harder and harder to argue with the advances in medicine.  

    The left will never agree to something firm in this argument.  As stated by many above, it’s a political football that consistently produces winners and losers.  It’s too valuable of a political commodity to put to bed.  Meanwhile, millions of children are being murdered in the name of politics, selfishness and irresponsibility.  

    It’s all disgusting.  

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  14. On 10/16/2023 at 3:31 PM, ClearedHot said:

    F-ing NitWit sold off half of the SPR for politics...what could possibly go wrong when we might have a hot war in the Middle East.

    Biden sold off nearly half the U.S. oil reserve. Is it ready for a crisis?

    Russia invades Ukraine.  We send over 100 billion, who knows how much ammo/weapons and deplete our oil reserves.  Iran waits for this to happen.  They then use their proxy militaries and attack Israel.  We send more money and ammo/weapons.  Two carrier strike groups, fighter squadrons and a marine amphibious unit are now tied up.  China makes a run at Taiwan next?  Terrorist cells go live in the US via the open border?  All without a functioning congress, a president in bad health who is probably compromised with a son facing felony charges and a ex president in court.  All while we fight over identity politics.  

    Nothing to see here.  

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  15. 26 minutes ago, ClearedHot said:

    The left is so determined to protect the Biden crime family they will surrender one of the center pieces of their political ideology as part of his defense.  So in most liberal states leadership is passing law to restrict you 2A right but the left would now like to use the 2A to protect Hunter Biden.Truly bizzaro world and beyond hypocrisy.

    It is comical watching the left have to navigate the minefield they’ve created through virtue signaling.  

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