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  1. This conversation should be near the end.  Nothing has worked to prevent the spread.  Not the vaccines, not the masks, not the closures, not the social distancing, not the bazillion dollars spent, not the fear tactics.   Not anything.  It’s here to stay and we will all get it.  People shouldn’t lose their jobs over it and we shouldn’t divide the country any further.  

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  2. 4 hours ago, StoleIt said:

    Well, I swore I wouldn't get it on a weekend and instead get free days off work...but here I am.

    2x Moderna (no booster, been too busy to be DNIF 2 days) and I wear a surgical most of the time but still go out to bars, restaurants, and have a social life.

    Everyone enjoy their NYE! I'm gonna save a bunch of money and calories by staying in I guess. 😷

    Symptoms: cold, achy bones. Otherwise nothing significantly worse than the flu at this time.

    I’m in the same boat.  I’ve had both shots.  Same for my wife and daughter.  All three of us are positive.  I’m definitely on the mend.  Fatigue is the only lasting issue.  

    I am curious if you have engaged your med group.  My med group is saying I have to have a EKG and some sort of a stress test to get off DNIF.  

  3. Omicron cases are exploding.  Folks can’t get tests.  Thousands of flights cancelled over the holidays.  The Biden administration has egg all over their face.  The CDC lowers quarantine guidance from 10 days to 5…   The timing is curious.  Perception matters.  

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  4. 53 minutes ago, pawnman said:

    The small changes would make a difference if ignorant assholes would stop making "I refuse to get vaccinated" their whole personality. 

    I can’t believe I’m going to weigh in on this topic at this point.  But, I’ve got time as I sit here dealing with my breakthrough case of COVID.  I’m vaccinated and I ended up in the ER.  It sucked.  

    To me, this whole argument comes down to basic problem solving skills.  There has to be a starting point and some understanding based on common sense and predictability based on human nature.  My dad used to say “what, so what and now what”.  That approach isn’t based on emotion or fear.  It’s just a matter of fact approach to a problem.

    One of the most basic things you would think policy makers would understand at the start is that not everyone will get the vaccine.  They just won’t.  And it doesn’t matter why.  There is absolutely no point in calling people “ignorant assholes” or threatening people with a “winter of death” or whatever the divisive language is. 

    I understand moving the goal line.  That’s really all we’ve seen since this started.  But, I don’t understand moving the starting line.  

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  5. 4 hours ago, Negatory said:

    COVID, ironically, has been the biggest eye opener of people being brainwashed for me. I think I’m doing better now.

    I genuinely appreciate the honesty as well.  I am curious if your views on who or which party you will vote for in the future has changed.  If not, why?  If so, are there any other narratives that you are opening your eyes to other than COVID?  

    I ask because I’m hopeful that eyes are being opened all over the country to various false narratives.  I think Virginia is a sign of that.  

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  6. 13 hours ago, kaputt said:

    These people aren’t even good at hiding their lies if you have half a brain and pay attention. 

    Here’s the thing for me.  They aren’t even trying to hide the lies anymore. Not at all.  The examples are piling up.  Kavanaugh, Russian collusion, all the COVID hypocrisy, Jussie Smollet, NASCAR nooses, Covington kids, hands up don’t shoot, etc.  This one is one of the most egregious though.  Starting with Jacob Blake, the riots and ending with Rittenhouse.  I can’t understand, I mean I literally can’t understand, how or why any average American is falling for this stuff regardless of political leaning.  It’s simple truth and facts vs blatantly obvious lies.  And they double down on it over and over again   

    This is how we got Trump, Jan 6th, the recent Virginia election results and what will be complete destruction of Democrat power in 2022.  The pendulum is going to swing hard right in 2022.  As it should.  The left has hopefully had their moment and hopefully we survive it.  

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  7. 1 hour ago, Sua Sponte said:

    In my experience the STEM educated pilots were the worst ones to fly with because they were over-analytical to a fault and had terrible skills. The good ones usually came from a “social science” background.

    Interesting analysis.  I’ve known where most of the folks I’ve flown with went to school but not all of them.  I couldn’t tell you what any of their majors were in college.  The biggest difference I’ve seen is who was a prior E.  

  8. I voted for Trump twice and I agreed with nearly all of his policies.  But, I’ve got to admit that the real tipping point for this country will be if he runs again.  Not if he wins.  If he simply announces his intention to run.  I hope the pendulum swings hard right but it’s got to be with someone other than Trump.  

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  9. I don’t have enough words to describe the amount of disgust I feel for you if you look at your fellow squadron members who are making the hardest decision of their life as a promotion opportunity for yourself.  Your brain is broken for even thinking that way.  

    As a senior leader, I have had grown men come to my office and completely break down.  It’s heartbreaking to watch some of the most competent and loved informal leaders describe their position on these mandates.  They have legitimate concerns based on personal factors.  

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  10. 7 hours ago, Negatory said:

    I know that this is intentional bait, but I’ll respond.

    against Trump

    with Trump at the reigns, with Trump, The Trump admin, Trump policies 

    Trumps economic policies

    if Trump would, with Trump here 

    under Trump, I’m sure Trump

    run by a sociopathic billionaire, mega rich, Trump selfishly

    empowered during the Trump admin to say racist, authoritarian bullshit

    the Trump admin, The Trump admin, Trump admins easy button

    I-voted-against-Trump, I don’t want Trump 

    This shit has gotten really really old.  He’s not the president anymore.  

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  11. On 9/28/2021 at 7:20 AM, dream big said:

    Let’s not pretend that that’s not a desired end state for many powerful democrats sitting in congress right now.  Marxism 101, take the guns first. 

    Will it happen? No, thankfully thanks to checks and balances but it’s very concerning when you look at the strategy of some of these folks and the line between that and historical Marxism is very blurred. 

    I can remember a time when I held a very firm belief that our government wouldn’t actually make a run on our right to own guns.  This was largely due to the fact that I didn’t think there were enough members of our military or police force that would salute smartly and do the work necessary to remove guns from law abiding citizens.  I’m clearly wrong.  Hell, I’m convinced that there are folks on these very threads that would gladly get behind gun confiscation efforts.   

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  12. The administration informed us today that hundreds of US citizens were left behind.  US citizens…  The last US military personnel left today and the war has been declared over after 20 years.  Yet, nothing today from the President.  Nothing.  It’s truly astounding.  

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  13. There should only be one big ass thread on BO.net   Just one.  The topic of this thread is “The Next President is….”  and you guys are talking about Test Pilot School and ARMS products.  This place is just one big argument.  

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  14. 12 minutes ago, Blue said:

    However, when I sit back here in my comfy office chair and daydream, I think about what could have happened over the past couple of weeks.

    I disagree with your thoughts about the Trump 757.  I think I understand your overall point though.  There are a lot of comments, opinions and lots of blame being laid on Trump.  Folks are talking about what Trump would have done in the last few weeks.  I think it’s bigger than that.  Literally everything leading up to these last few weeks would have been different.  Planning and decisions would have been different, generals and senior staff would have been different, there wouldn’t be a huge focus on woke shit and Trump wouldn’t read from a teleprompter and walk off without answering questions.  The enemy recognizes weakness.  And right now we are projecting weakness.  

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  15. This administration is in real trouble.  Rightly so and very predictable.  Biden was a terrible politician, known for dishonesty and unpopular prior to the election.  But, he wasn’t Trump.  That’s why he won.  Harris is absolutely awful on every level.  

    My question is, how does this play out if Biden doesn’t survive this Afghanistan debacle?   I would argue that this is one of the worst, self inflicted, embarrassing and unforgivable situations that our country has ever been through.  It’s been handled with complete dishonesty and lies.  There has been zero empathy and ownership.  And it’s going to get worse.  Much much worse.  

    I’ve never seen anything like this.  My community has been heavily involved in Afghanistan.  We’ve got multiple guys in the squadron who have done the air advisor thing.  They were embedded with the Afghans for 6 months at a time.   I’ve never received as many late night calls from guys in my squadron as I have over this.  We’ve had emails from the VA, counselors in the squadron, talks with commanders etc.  And today, for the first time, I legitimately asked a buddy if he thought he was going to hurt himself.  This stress is cumulative and we all have unique stories.  It started in February 2020 with COVID and it’s culminated in this Afghanistan disaster.  

    So, again, how does this play out?  Do we see a resignation like Nixon?  Do we watch this come and eventually go with Americans and their short memories?  What are your thoughts and how do we handle it?  

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  16. 9 hours ago, ClearedHot said:

    Where are all the people who voted for Biden and why aren't you here defending him and his actions...this is what you wanted right?

    We are learning the hard way what happens when you elect modern democrat politicians.  

    I hope and pray that America wakes up and votes these people out of office starting with the next midterms.  

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  17. 13 minutes ago, Sua Sponte said:

    How do I know? I was in Stan Eval at the time and begrudgingly typed up the original Q-3 for the -135 Sq/CC to sign, fully knowing this was optician bullshit. Nothing surprises me about the idiots that run the MAF.

    Speaking as a fellow enlisted aviator with years of OGV experience, I can say I’m glad I don’t work in a OGV section that would require me to write up the CDD Form 8 on a SQ/CC.  My boss would handle that one.  

    The AF can do all the investigating they want on that C-17 crew.  They were put in a terrible situation and did the best they could with the information they had.  They made heartbreaking decisions that they will live with for the rest of their lives.  They will not be found at fault, nor should they, with all of the international attention on the incident.  Commanders know what will happen next if they hit that button.  It involves Congress and the media.  I’ll tell you who is more scared than the crew.  The commanders that put them there.  

    A basic rule I learned as a young instructor and then evaluator some 16 years ago was to always ask yourself what the follow on training is if you hook someone.  What is the follow on training for this?   Are you going to take them out to the airplane to perform a exterior inspection or stowaway check????   They know their jobs and they did it well.  They got the jet home without injuring another American.  

    Let the decorations start rolling in.  They deserve it.  

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