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  1. 26 minutes ago, ClearedHot said:

    The left is so determined to protect the Biden crime family they will surrender one of the center pieces of their political ideology as part of his defense.  So in most liberal states leadership is passing law to restrict you 2A right but the left would now like to use the 2A to protect Hunter Biden.Truly bizzaro world and beyond hypocrisy.

    It is comical watching the left have to navigate the minefield they’ve created through virtue signaling.  

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  2. Sanctuary cities?  Yeah, not so much anymore.  Turns out virtue signaling has consequences. It’s funny listening to Mayor Adams blame Texas.  I think Texas has bussed 13k illegals to NYC.  Apparently, there are over 100k illegals in NYC at this point.  It’s your dem policies not Texas that has you jammed up Mayor….  It’s also funny how the federal government was and probably is still flying illegals around the country but Governors bussing them is the problem.  

    As for NM, I always get a kick out of the “blame the gun crowd”.  It’s the most ignorant, weak and chicken shit argument anyone can make.  It’s patently absurd to think crime will slow down because you ask people to put their guns away. I’m not an expert in how the DAs in NM treat crime but I’m guessing they are pretty soft on criminals.  

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  3. A large part of me wants Trump to win just to beat the damn system.  He is an ass.  That is for sure.  But, he’s been attacked at every turn for years, often with fabricated stories and complete falsehoods. I’d love to see him continue to take on everything that I see that is wrong with our government and media.  I despise the elites and their double standards in this country to my core.  He’s the only one I see who is fully in the ring with them.  I would like to see him win.  And I would like to see things change.  

    And then what if he wins?  We get an even bigger ass with a bigger, louder chip on his shoulder.  We get the other side who will become even more unhinged and desperate to ruin anything and everything he does.  Not seeing any of that outweighs my desire to see him win the next election.  

    At this point, I want to see him beat the system in court.  Not in politics. 

    I like Ramaswamy.  I’ve been listening to a lot of what he has to say.  He’s certainly refreshing and isn’t part of the system.  

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  4. So, who got to Hunter when all this first started?  It’s pretty obvious that some bad actor on the word stage caught wind of the “US Vice President’s drug addict son”.   Hunter quickly became the easy target for the bad guys to exploit and Hunter quickly sold out.  Joe wasn’t initially involved but got roped in.  And then things got out of control. 

  5. 4 hours ago, ClearedHot said:

    You sound unhinged and you are most certainly all over the intellectual honesty map.

    I as a conservative do not agree, support or condone MTG's actions...at all.  That being said her actions do not wipe the slate clean on the Hunter investigation.  You are trying to insinuate everyone is laser focused with an obsession on  Hunter when the real issue is did Joe through Hunter commit a crime. 

    You have repeatedly referred to the "evidence" so lets baseline a few issues of fact, please tell me what is not true.  In my opinion all of these facts tie together and paint a much bigger picture that calls for an investigation.

    1.  The Trump Dossier was fake.

    2.  Hillary Clinton paid for the Trump Dossier.

    3.  The FBI Knew the Dossier was fake and that Hillary paid for it.

    4.  The FBI used the Dossier as a basis to pursue FISA warrants on folks in the Trump administration.

    5.  The Hunter laptop was real.

    6.  The FBI knew the Hunter laptop was real AND had a copy of it.

    7.  The FBI sat quietly while Secretary Blinken orchestrated a memo signed by 51 "Intel Professionals" who labeled the Hunter laptop as Russian disinformation.

    8.  Big tech used that memo as rational to suppress the Hunter Laptop story during the election.

    9.  The Hunter laptop has a lot of circumstantial evidence that says Hunter promised foreign policy favors from his father in exchange for cash.  Notice I said "Hunter" promised, not Joe.

    10.  As of yesterday the House Judiciary Committee has thoroughly tracked approximately $17M in transactions from overseas donors including China, that went to over 20 shell companies and ended up in the bank accounts of many Biden family members...including his grandchildren. 

    11.  At least one of the Chinese donors has direct ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

    12.  150 of those transactions were flagged by U.S. banks in SARs filed with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

    13.  The $17M identified by the House Judiciary Committee is from one bank, they are working through the records and flagged transactions at six more banks.  There is at least one report that says the total is $100M.

    14.  The FBI has been approached by multiple sources that say the pay for play scheme is real.

    15.  The FBI tried to suppress a 2020 unclassified FD-1023 that outlines the pay for play scheme.

    16. Tony Bobulinski came forward and gave multiple interviews saying her personally met with Joe Biden.  Biden denies that meeting, someone is lying.

    17.  In 2021, Hunter Biden repaid more than $2 million in past-due taxes after receiving a loan from one of his private attorneys.

    18.  One of the reasons Hunter owed unpaid taxes is because tried to deduct sex club membership and prostitutes by classifying them as business expense. 

    19.  The purchase of a weapon by Hunter Biden while using drugs was a felony.

    20.  IRS Whislteblower Joseph Zielger alleges investigators AND assigned attorneys, which included DOJ tax attorneys, all agreed to felony tax evasion charges and misdemeanor charges related to Hunter Biden's 2017, 2018 and 2019 returns.

    21.  IRS Whislteblowers testified DOJ attorneys stopped the IRS investigators from seeking a warrant for Hunter Biden's Virginia storage unit then notified Hunter's Defense Lawyers that the government wanted to search the unit.

    22.  David Weiss wrote a official letter stating that he has “ultimate authority” to bring charges against Hunter Biden in any jurisdiction, and he said Friday that this is still the case.

    23.  IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley testified he was in a meeting with David Weiss and Weiss told him that he was not the deciding person in whether or not charges were filed.  "He told us that D.C. U.S. Attorney had declined to allow charges, he told us that he had requested special counsel authority from Main DOJ.” Rep. Jordan: “And was denied?” Mr. Shapley: “That's correct.” 

    24.  Gary Shapley captured the meeting in a memo which was endorsed by his supervisor who was also in the meeting.  Either Weiss or both Mr Shapley and his supervisor are lying.

    In most neutral investigations the above facts would at least raise the possibility that something illegal happened.  If there is even a 1% chance the President committed a crime shouldn't we look?  I think we have a right to know and when you look at the situation in totality and have questions, that doesn't make you a nutjob conspiracy theorist.  It is way past time for a special prosecutor.


    All while impeaching and charging President Trump with little to no evidence, total hypocrisy or based on complete fabrications.  

    The truth will come out just like it did on the Russia hoax, the laptop, the covid shenanigans, the teachers unions, the BLM movement, various police shootings, etc.  

    And when it does, the loudest defenders of the Bidens on this forum will go completely silent just like they have every other time.

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  6. 3 hours ago, douglasjones said:

    Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. I would like to be home more for my first assignment until my 2 kids grow up and are a little easier to parent 😁

    This shit really pisses me off.  It’s called service and it’s called sacrifice.  It’s what the rest of us have dealt with and managed for years and years.  I can’t count the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and everything else I’ve missed in my 21 years.  

    Your kids will take 20 years to “grow up”.

    Find a way to stay in AETC and get out. 

    The rest of us will continue to handle the tough part.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, ClearedHot said:

    Biden family's rejection of Hunter's daughter with ex-stripper could do major psychological harm, experts say

    "President Biden refuses to acknowledge his seventh grandchild's existence, consistently saying publicly that he has six grandchildren, not seven."

    "Hunter, for his part, has refused to let his daughter take his last name and has gone to court to lower his child support payments to Roberts. He has reportedly never met his daughter with Roberts."

    Hunter is a crackhead, what is Joe's excuse?  Unconscionable morally broken sack of shit to PUBLICLY punish a child for something she didn't do.  Deny her a name, deny her existence, and from other reports the girl is aware who her grandfather is the President of the United States, a fact that for every other grandchild would be a point of pride. 

    Sick family.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing is off limits for this family if they will do something like this.  It’s because of the way they are handling this that makes me convinced that they have done everything else they are accused of.  Along with the mountains of evidence of course….  

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  8. 1 hour ago, ClearedHot said:

    Donald Jr looks drunk...

    Donald Jr doesn’t look drunk.  It’s just an unflattering snapshot taken while he was talking.  Meanwhile, Hunter’s teeth have rotted away due to hard core drug abuse.  Good old meth mouth.  

    I can’t get past the situation with this granddaughter.  The American people would love to see Joe stand up behind a podium and say that his son has another daughter and that he understands the situation isn’t ideal but that the Bidens will love her and accept her anyway.  A moment like that would go pretty damn far for him morally, politically, etc.  But nope.  They spend huge sums of money on attorneys trying to deny this child in every way possible.  It’s disgusting and it’s despicable.  



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  9. 4 minutes ago, gearhog said:

    Telling a doctor they shouldn't be performing gender affirming surgeries is like smacking God himself in the face.

    After all, they're the experts.


    The behavioral experts cited by nsplayr aren’t experts in vaccines.  

    I can remember a time when he was quoting Fauci on vaccine issues.  Funny how we don’t hear anything about that anymore.  

  10. 1 minute ago, BFM this said:


    I actually believe that he does.

    He’s a raging dumpster fire, personality wise, but yeah, I think he has better intentions and ideas that anyone either party is going to put forward.

    I do believe this, in the face of all propaganda we’ve been fed.

    What type of a personality would it take to go into DC and take on the elites?  A brash, egotistical billionaire real estate tycoon from NY who doesn’t need the money, power or fame.  

    Anyone else that has tried has been chewed up and spit out for even thinking about it.  

    Look what they have thrown at him for the last 6 years.  And he keeps on fighting.  Part of his legacy will be the fact that he has highlighted and exposed the deep corruption in DC. 

    Certainly not saying he’s my favorite person on the planet.  Just making the observations.  

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  11. 7 hours ago, nsplayr said:


    You attempt to explain away everything.  That’s all you do.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is.  It could be COVID policy, corrupt politicians, the destruction of our major cities or the harm caused by the trans gender movement.  Facts are presented but it doesn’t matter.  The truth comes out in time, as it has with COVID and many examples of political corruption, but it doesn’t matter.  You double down and dig in. Gotta give it to you.  You are consistent.  

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  12. 4 minutes ago, jice said:

    Dallas has had a Democratic mayor since the 90s (one exception). Dallas also fvcking rocks.

    Those of us that live in the metroplex don’t say the D word and don’t go anywhere near Dallas.  Dallas proper is a complete dumpster fire.  

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  13. 13 hours ago, Prozac said:

    I could post dozens of similar montages that make the right seem unhinged as there’s plenty of the same garbage being passed around by lefties. 

    Please post a similar montage of prominent Republican politicians, A list Hollywood actors and members of the main stream media calling for violence against Democrats.  Not the fringe whackos.  Powerful people with large audiences. 

    I would honestly like to see it.  

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  14. 4 hours ago, nsplayr said:

    No US city is an absolute shithole, you should know this if you have ever deployed.

    We don’t live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc, 

    Raise your standards.  

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