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  1. Your numbers are wrong. Within the last year the wait for t-1's was close to 4 months. i.e. tracked 19 March started Vance 6 July. T-38 guys at the same time were looking at getting in their cars and driving straight to Enid after their last A-Form flight. i.e. tracked Thursday, finished AFORMS 8 days later on Friday, and were in Enid on Monday. So before you throw out the statements like study your ass off, and imply people coming from Whiting are lazy check your facts. Plus if studs coming from Whiting are so bad how come so many of them end up as FAIPS at Vance(at least in the T-1 Squadron) in a much higher ratio than that of their T-6 peers.
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  2. I bet this thread gets crushed and locked. Just a guess.
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