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Guest Christa

Long Distance relationships

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I'm more interested in the screen name. Floridabeauty... just how beautiful are we talking about here?

Yeah Toro's advice is spot on. I'll add that your BF is about to be put in a pretty stressful situation. Support from you will go a long way and set the tone for the future of your relationship. I have seen way too many long distance girlfriends absolutely wreck a UPT students progress to the point where a #2/20 ends up finishing #18/20. Not saying a clingy/needy girlfriend was the only cause, but it didn't help.

A simple text message throughout the week telling him you are rooting for him and you are there for him at his convenience will go a long way. It's only temporary for the next 2ish years, but eventually one of you will probably have to take a backseat to the other to make the distance go away.

I've seen a couple mil-mil both be successful through the long run, but they both had to compromise at times to do something that neither wanted to do to keep them together. (ie giving up WIC to pursue RAS/PAS jointly, tours outside their MWS, being an Exec, etc...)

Hope this helps.

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