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On 10/23/2018 at 8:51 AM, HeyWatchThis said:

Hey guys....got a buddy heading to Vance on a short notice PCS (moving in either December or Jan). He will be bringing a wife and 3 kiddos.  The oldest will start kindergarten next year.  He isn't a flyer so short commute for early go's not as big of a deal vs coming in as an IP.  Any gouge on neighborhoods to look at, avoid, etc?  Any other info updated info on the area is appreciated.


Surprised no one has responded. Any house with the zip code 73703 is good, avoid like the plague anything with 73701. Even if you find a good house (there is minor crossover) you'll have a more challenging time reselling it due to the zip code difference. Everything in Enid is 15 minutes away, and you can hear trains from everywhere. 

I used Courtney Colby as a real estate agent. I liked her and would recommend. I think she has a team now, and friends on FB have used her realtors. 

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