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WTB: HGU-55 or HGU-68P (XL or L)

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Looking to nab a less expensive than new front cockpit helmet for my Stearman, if anybody has a spare sitting around they're not using. I can have the low impedance comms converted, I just need a decent helmet with a little bit of life left in it for my passengers. I know you exchange IP's at Pensacola end up with a steady stream of washout gear. (I like the -68's)


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I have, the XL's that come along tend to include the O2 mask and are priced so high that it makes no economic sense to purchase and convert. The comm conversion (Mic, earpieces and cords) cost about $600 bucks. So if the helmet is running close to $1000 - and they are, mostly over - I'm better off just buying new at $1500.

Just being a cheap bastard. It's hard enough to shell out money for the airplane, but to spend another 7-9K on chutes and helmets is painful. Can't skimp on the 'chutes, but the helmets are fair game.

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