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Fat Tony

Chances at a guard or reserve unit?

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Hey everyone, I just want to see opinions if I have a chance for a guard/reserve unit. I really don't care what type of plane, I just want to be a pilot. Preferably a unit in the Southeast.  Here is my info:

Age: 31.5

AFOQT: 95 Pilot / 92 Navigator / 65 Acad Aptitude / 86 Verbal / 44 Quantitative

PCSM: 58 with 4 hours

6-10 hours=63  

11-20 hours=67   

21-40 hours=71   

41-60 hours=75   

61-80 hours=79 

81-100 hours=83

101-200 hours=87

201+ hours=91

Flying Experience: Only 4 hours. I was fully planning on getting a PPL, but after a family emergency I had to loan some money to my parents. Unfortunately now I am not in a financial position to pursue flight hours. 

College: Undergrad 2.75 GPA - Marketing / Masters 3.5 GPA from a Top 25 MBA Program

Current Job: Work for a major bank in Charlotte, NC. 

Background: I am currently enlisted in the Air Force Reserve as an EOD Tech. Previously I was active duty for 4 years. 


I could get LORs from any below, what do you think would look the best? 

-Former squadron commanders (Colonels, but not pilots)

-Former flight commanders (Only captains, but know me well)

-College professor 

-Current civilian boss (was in the Air Force, but not a pilot)

-Family friend (Colonel Pilot)

-Uncle (Colonel Pilot, but obviously is family. I dont know how that looks)


It looks like many units want people below 31. I have been trying to reach out to people, but many units make it clear no waivers. Also my lack of flight time hurts. I see alot of units want a PPL or at least Solo time. Maybe when my financial situation improves I could get more time, but right now its just not possible. 




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Press on with units and don’t give up. Good scores and you have a masters. At the end of the day, a ppl or higher doesn’t necessarily make a difference in UPT. Also, a friend of mine was selected in his late 30s, so you there’s bound to be a unit that’s willing to talk to you. 

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@Hopefulflyer389 is 100% right. And I know he’s a pretty awesome individual, so I wouldn’t claim to be the only late 30’s individual picked up he knows, but I also got my old ass hired way past the cutoff age.

You’re still below the age waiver territory of 33 and you’re prior service, so you should be okay if you get on it sooner rather than later and get picked up. Reserves move faster than Guard, so you might have better luck getting to UPT before needing a waiver that route, but YMMV.

And we knew quite a few folks picked up at McDill for 135s, if you’re looking to stay SE. You also have 130s in Mississippi (hurricane chasers)/Georgia/Alabama, C17s at Charleston, and HH60s/MC130s at Patrick.

I know nothing about hiring, so you may be fine, but the only things I think might give units pause are the lower PCSM and no PPL. They go hand in hand (more hours = higher PCSM), so some units may give you the benefit of the doubt with your respectable higher flight hours scores, but who knows? The AF loves the TBAS as an indicator for success, which can be helped along with a PPL. Maybe scrape a few hours extra up if you can just to bump the number up and, if you can, get to solo?

But, even if you can’t, just apply! Apply everywhere and often. Make them tell you “No.” It’s an awesome experience and you have a lot of options, so make it happen!

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@FDNYOldGuy aww shucks 😊 lol 

@Fat Tony like mentioned above, the reserves do move much faster through the pipeline due to less down time between training segments  and you’re in the age waiver territory, so they may be your best bet. Also, unsponsored is a good route to get the process started if you don’t mind potentially being placed in any heavy airframe and location. However, apply for whatever/wherever you want and make them tell you no! 

In regards to the ppl, we all understand the hard ship of scraping money together to get hours or a rating, but adding an hour here and there does show that you’re trying to better yourself for the position. 

Below is a link for unit location via the AFRC website:


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