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Chances for a Guard/reserve fighter slot

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Hi everyone,

So here’s what I got:

AFOQT Scores:

Pilot 99/ Nav 93/ AA 98/ Verbal 94/ Quant 97

PCSM: 66 with 39 flights hours (87 @ 201 hrs)

Additionally, I am 25 year old mechanical engineering grad with a 3.2 GPA, working for a large aerospace company.

I would really like to try to go for fighters on the reserve/guard side but I feel my pcsm is abysmal for that. I plan on re-taking my TBAS (as my first time taking it I was coming in on very little sleep after a long flight the night before.) 

honestly how do my chances look? And if not for guard, what about for an AD pilot slot?

thanks for the input everyone!



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I'd say that if we liked your act, those scores wouldn't keep us from interviewing you.  Obviously there's room for improvement and for people to have a stronger application than you, but those are good scores.  Start rushing the units of your choice and let them tell you if it's good enough.  


AD: no brainer, you'll get a UPT slot with them.  They give'em out like candy.  🙂

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Do some searching on here and on the google machine. You should be able to find enough resources to use for practicing for the TBAS, since you plan on retaking it. Additionally, get that PPL finished up. I'm assuming you are close with 39hrs?

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18 hours ago, PapaSwan said:

@ryleypav yes I am within 10 hours of finishing my PPL

Get that bad boy done asap. Not all unit's require it. But a lot of them "require" if you catch my drift. Or at least they see it as a good indicator that you are passionate about aviation.

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