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Shoulder Labrum tear

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What's up guys,

So several years ago I had a slight tear of my labrum in one of my shoulders. The doctor recommended surgery. I disagreed and elected to do physical therapy and personal exercises. Now my shoulder hasn't caused any pain or issues of any kind for years.

So question is, will I have a DQ possibility at MEPS or FC1 for this documented tear? Would it be smart to go see that same doc so he can write a letter stating my shoulder is in great shape?


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Did the same thing in high school while wrestling.  No surgery, same rehab you did.  Can't remember if I told the doc that it happened when I first joined (12 years ago now), but never had any issues to date and no doc since has cared.  It couldn't hurt to have your doc say it's good to go, but be cautious telling the military more than they need to know.  Also, I just tell docs I dislocated a long time ago (mostly true), they ask if it's fine, I say yes and we move on.

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