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Florida cops and UPS truck

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Engaging the suspects in that crowded environment really should have been  left to the guys with the long guns with proper sights (say red dot) and proper ammo. Handguns just aren't accurate enough in that situation and they'll probably keep finding rounds that went long all over the neighborhood for weeks.  James Bond can probably bring down a helicopter at 300 yards with a PPK but most including myself aren't nearly that good. I thought I saw a couple cops with longer weapons in the video. I do know the UPS truck surely took a lot of shots and I don't know which side did the most damage but the lack of marksmanship appeared to be appalling. Not quite a (******) ambush but close.  I'm sure they'll be a whole ton of lessons learned in the AAR/Investigation. My 0.02

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I saw they put something like 200 rounds into the truck... where the driver was still being held hostage.

Also, check out the sight lines these guys had... Taking cover behind occupied civilian vehicles, firing through the truck into civilians, hell, some of them are pointing their weapons at other cops with zero awareness about what is behind their targets.

This kind of shit is why people don't trust the police.


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