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AFROTC Pilot Slot Chances

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FT Ranking: Bottom 1/3

RSS: ???

PFA: 90.9

CGPA: 3.33 (Non-tech)

PCSM: 74 (3 hours)


I suggest you also go onto the AFROTC reddit page regarding these questions, more cadets browse that page and there is a lot of information complied. But, you have a shot. FT hurts, as long as your RSS is top third you will have a good shot. Don’t be afraid to ask your APAS what your wing ranking is, they will at least give you top, middle or bottom third. If you can, get into the next flight hour bracket for the PCSM boost, you still have time before the boards meets. Pilot slots might be slim this year. There is also a speculative rated board calculator on Reddit that you can use to get a rough guesstimate of your overall OM. PM if you have further questions.



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