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PODS Review for DITY Move

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BLUF:  PODS, in theory, seemed like an easy solution for our most recent DITY.  However, the poor coordination between the national, customer service center and local storage facilities (center kept promising weight tickets from facility; it took three weeks to finally receive) and an unwillingness to perform their contracted job, means I do not recommend PODS unless you enjoy riding herd on a company with multiple 30+ minute phone calls every week to make sure they deliver on their promise.  We have used ABF in the past, and after this experience, I realized I should have used them this time. 

BACKGROUND:  PODS customer service stated that a military PCS move was feasible from Las Vegas, NV to Ft. Leavenworth, KS. When we queried whether they delivered on-post, they stated without equivocation that they did. Upon calling to confirm delivery dates, I was told that the Grandview, MO facility (nearest servicing facility) does not deliver to Ft. Leavenworth because it is difficult for them to get on post.  Apparently, a contract was considered fungible in the eyes of PODS and this facility.  Due to what the facility manager deemed to be inconvenient (delivering on-post), PODS and the Grandview facility showed that serving a paying customer, as per the contract, was optional in their eyes.  Had PODS been forthright upfront or if this facility made known it would not perform the job it was contracted to perform, I would not have signed a contract with the company.  Customer service and the various local facilities do not coordinate very well.  Indeed, the Grandview facility had an unpublished preference not to serve Ft. Leavenworth, while customer service guaranteed service to the same location. 

Ultimately, I would not use PODS.  Their words about serving the military community are mere window dressing that belies their unwillingness to perform their contracted duties for a military customer in this breach of contract example.

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