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Fort Rucker Housing/Living Recommendations

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Hi guys, currently an ANG STUD in the UPT pipeline slated for the TH-1 track based off of my final MDS, so I'll be headed to rucker in the fall (September). Currently unmarried, but will be traveling with the significant other and dog (husky). For those that have recently gone, currently there, or just have something to add, please chime in! Looking for living recommendations around the area and general lifestyle (pace of training) to get a better idea of the future. Obviously still a couple months out, but any advice is appreciated. 

If anyone knows of pet friendly apartments or housing rentals within the BAH limit, that would be great too. Thanks!

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Dothan is the biggest town in the area, but it's a half hour away.  Most folks live in Enterprise.  I've lived in both Ozark and Enterprise, and would put Enterprise above any other nearby surrounding towns.

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