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Currently eligible for the ANG AvB. Was considering a VLPAD opportunity contingent on the AvB crossing over. There are subtle differences between the RegAF AvB and the ANG variant...enough so I don’t qualify for the RegAF bonus. The RegAF AvB also states members on a VLPAD tour receiving an ANG/ARC AvB are ineligible for the (RegAF) AvB (i.e. No double dipping).  This implies the ANG AvB carries over. Or one would think...

Chatted with the NGB/A1 today and said individual confirmed due to the separation process under VLPAD, NGB does not pay out the AvB (makes sense).  However I was unable to get a clear response on if the RegAF picks up the tab under VLPAD conditions.  Individual is currently researching.  

As I sit in the holding pattern waiting for a response I thought I would see if anyone here has some insight.  




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I'm currently on a VLPAD tour (came from the ANG...traditional type) and just received the AvB under the FY18 expanded program (didn't originally qualify under the original program).  However, I was only given the contract through the end of my tour...so, basically it is for two years (I was already a year into my tour).  Yes, it does not make sense since I was already committed to the end of the tour anyway (although you can ask to curtail the orders but they do have to approve that).  I know a bunch of us VLPAD'rs who got it but we were all on the VLPAD tours already.  I have no idea about your situation in which you have been granted the AvB through the ANG program and then trying to get onto a VLPAD tour.  You might want to check into the RegAF FY19 AvB program and see if you qualify under that.   If you do, there is a decent chance that they would give you a contract for the length of your VLPAD tour at least.  Doubtful you would get a longer contract than that as I asked that question when I was asking about mine.    Good luck! 

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