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age waiver or ETP for civilian pilot applicant?

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I'm in the process of putting my packet together to submit for the next board. I'm 28.5 right now. Was planning on submitting for the OTS 18OT03 board but got held up because of medical records at MEPS and had to submit an appeal to the SG. SG's office has FINALLY approved me for a physical so I'm knocking that out this week. Everything else is pretty much done. I took the AFOQT and TBAS in March (scores below), and I have 4 solid LOR. 2 are from O-5s and 2 are from O-6s. 2 pilots and 2 doctors, and 1 of the pilots is a NASA astronaut. If all goes well at MEPS all I'll have left is an officer interview. 

I've been doing a ton of research but there is seemingly NO information on age waivers for a civilian applying for a pilot slot (I know that it says they don't do age waivers for pilot slots, but every officer I've talked to has said "there is a waiver for everything"). I'm curious if anyone has experience with being close to the cut off age and submitting a packet. As of now it's looking like the next board I'll be able to submit to is March '19, which will make me 29 and a  couple months old. I've read a little about ETP...would that be the only possible way to have a shot at going active duty AF as a pilot? 

New to these forums so please let me know if there is a better thread for this question or if I've left out any info that would be helpful for you to know. 

P.S. My recruiter told me they added another board in Sept. of 2017 that wasn't originally planned and said there could be a possibility of that happening again this fall or winter.  Does anyone know if that is a common occurrence or a long shot or just total BS? Thanks.



Degree: B.S. Business Marketing
College: University of Montana
GPA: 3.51

Military Service
Prior Service: No

Application Info
AFOQT Scores: 92/81/75/75/70 
Test Date: 200318
PCSM Score: 59 (with 5 flying hours), should be able to raise score to 63 or above with another couple hours

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Keep poking around on the boards here, as there is a TON of great info and great people to contact, but I've never heard anyone your age having any issues with the ETP Guard or Reserves. Hell, I'm non-prior giving it a shot at 36, so there's definitely hope for you. Get your PCSM up with flying hours or a retest, but your other stuff looks pretty solid to me (then again, I'm not an authority on anything).


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