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What are my chances? AD ATC Officer

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Want to get your thoughts on what the AD UPT Board values.

I'm a Prior Enlisted Air Traffic Controller, USAFA Graduate (2.4 GPA), now I'm 27 y/o AD Airfield Ops Flight Commander (ATC/Airfield Management) I took the AFOQT at the Academy, but it didn't count for anyone who wasn't applying for a rated spot, which I wasn't at the time, so I Christmas Tree'd the whole thing. Retook the AFOQT yesterday and think I did well...Guessing I got an 80 Pilot score at the minimum, but almost impossible to tell. Taking the TBAS in May when I get back from deployment, and will get my PPL before applications are due in Nov.

I think with a 80-90 PCSM I will be competitive, but not sure how my slacker GPA will affect me even though it's from the Academy.


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