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PCS to NAS Pensacola after OTS with dependents

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Hi everyone, I have some questions about what the PCS process is like after OTS, specifically for CSO trainees reporting to NAS Pensacola. I've tried to do some research but haven't found very specific information and I was really hoping that somebody could break down things step-by-step.

I am married and my wife and I have a son who will be 2 years old when I graduate OTS next June. We are currently renting a house, so we don't need to worry about selling before moving to Pensacola. My wife and I share one car due to our financial situation, so I will be flying to OTS unless I'm able to get in touch with a local candidate in the same class who happens to be interested in bringing me on their drive. I've read that typically the required report to date to Pensacola is 1 or 2 days after OTS graduation since it's not extremely far from Maxwell. This has me pretty concerned since I have no idea how I'm supposed to get my family squared away that quickly.

Here are my main questions:

1. When will we find out if base housing is available (as opposed to having to sign up for a waiting list)?

2. If we choose to live off-base, when and how are we supposed to house hunt? Should I try to knock that out and maybe even sign a lease before I even go to OTS?

3. How/when should I move my family to Pensacola? Will the Air Force arrange for movers to come to my house before graduation so that my family can move in as soon as my report date? Or will my family need to stay behind for a while (and how long)? If they do stay behind, can I take leave at some point to fly back home to help the movers and make the drive to Pensacola with them and my family? And if they do stay behind, where do I live in the meantime (BOQ?) -- and if it's longer than a month will I receive BAH so I can pay rent since my wife and son will still be at home?

4. Speaking of movers, will I need to pay the movers upfront and get reimbursed by the Air Force later, or does the Air Force pay for them right off the bat?

Any other information would also be greatly appreciated! I'd just really like to know what to expect so that we can prepare.

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You're correct, normally the incoming OTS guys come down the day after graduation with a report date for the following Monday. 

If you do want to live on base you can give a call to Balfour Beatty - (850) 456-3120 - they run all the base housing. If you want to live off base you can start looking now and get that squared away for when you come, or when you get here we give you a good chunk of time to go looking. When you arrive you will have 10 days of hotel (or family housing) reimbursed to you. 

If you would like to help your family move after you arrive to Pensacola, you are allowed some days of permissive leave - meaning leave that isn't charged - after you arrive.

As for paying the movers, you shouldn't have to. Ask your recruiter about the TMO process, or google the Air Force TMO number. They can be pretty unhelpful so just keep asking the questions you need until you get an answer. I've seen people totally set up where they are going to live before ever arriving. They move into a place with their family in the first week of arriving, all they have to wait for is shipment of house hold goods.

If you chose to leave your family behind for more than a month you are given BAH, but not full BAH for the pensacola area (its approx. $1200 for a married O-1 with dependents)

Hope that helps, if you have more questions shoot me a PM and I can give you the student control email address/number for NAS Pensacola.

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