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Those of you who have retaken the TBAS: how much did it affect your PCSM?

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Hey yall adding another number to this.  

Previous score from 2016: 88

Current score taken last week: 92 (no increase in flying hour bracket) and hypothetical 95 with 201+ hours

Would have probably done even better had I not borked a few questions on the UAV section but having practiced and played a bunch of video games with inverted axis controls helped me do significantly better on the tracking and multitasking sections.  Would recommend everyone retake who can and just practice, practice, practice beforehand.  Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to roll the dice on this one.  

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Hey all, 

Adding another score update to this. 

Previous PCSM score from 2010 (yes you read that right): 70

Retook the TBAS this morning and my updated PCSM score: 89

My 201+ PCSM score is a hypothetical 99. I'm pushing through with an instrument rating and expect to push my PCSM score to a 95 when I cross the 80 hour mark by September (currently sitting at 47 hours) which is when I expect most units to start accepting applications again. If I have enough time, I'm going to try and push through to get about 100 hours, which'll push me to a 98 PCSM. 

Here's what worked for me. I recently started flying again and increased flight 10 hours for my flight review, and I studied 45-60 minutes every day for about 7-8 weeks. I'm married and work a full-time job during the day, so even though it was a challenge to stay motivated, I told myself that if I got offered a UPT slot, this would be my life for at least a year and that getting into this habit now can only help me in the future. 

My advice is to just really study. There are some pretty good study materials if you know where to look. I don't want to get gigged by any folks from the AFPC in case they read this, so I won't go any further, but just look around online for TBAS preparation materials. Spend at least a couple of hours a week doing focused study. Find a flight sim, get some cheap Rudder Pedals and a Joystick, and work on your coordination. Yes, you'll have to shell out a little bit of money, but honestly what's a couple hundred bucks when you're talking about accomplishing a goal most will never recognize? All in all, I think I spent about $180 on software and hardware for test prep. 

Additionally, come up with a system to quickly orient yourself on the Directional Orientation portion. Once again, I'm not going to elaborate for risk of giving it away, but there are patterns you can establish for yourself. The absolute worst scenario into which you can put yourself is trying to figure out where North is when the UAV is pointing to the Southwest and you're supposed to find the East target when the taking the test. Prepare yourself as best you can to always know at least where North is and to understand the other cardinal directions in relation. 

As far as how to prepare for the multitasking portion, I don't really have any advice other than be prepared to really focus. Get good at 3 digit addition/subtraction. Realize that you're not truly multitasking, but quickly serial-tasking. That way, you'll feel less overwhelmed. 

Also, if I can increase my score by nearly twenty points with focused study for a couple months, literally anybody can. Really commit to putting in the work and investing in yourself and you can increase your scores, too. 

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