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22 hours ago, BFM this said:

So 1980s


That spaceplane yes... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starflight:_The_Plane_That_Couldn't_Land

But the next generation of spaceplanes is ready to go, IMO.  No incredible leaps in technology required, just the logistical costs to come down, highly likely as demand would increase supply and the economics of scale kick in.

The promise of cheap access to LEO was probably a bridge too far for the technology / materials of the 60s / 70s but within reach for the technology we have now.

A space access strategy:

Privatize and encourage mainly commercial access to LEO, focus national space efforts on HEO and Deep Space access / presence.  Continuously launch every year to build logistical supplies and space based infrastructure.

Spaceplanes, reusable medium / heavy lift rockets and we need to go all out and make a BDB (big dumb booster) even bigger than the upcoming SLS (Space Launch System) - that BDB should be the Sea Dragon IMO.



Lift in one mission all the gear or re-supply for an interplanetary mission.


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