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How do you feel about your airframe and mission?

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You will deploy for 60 days, if you’re active duty you’ll deploy maybe 2-3 times a year. Highly depends on which base you drop, obviously. Deployments are easy, this is where the tanker bubbas get to fly.

Minimal training at home station. Not many in this community take flying seriously. For some people, if you do anything other than an ILS to a full stop, you are “trying too hard”. Yes, it’s a tanker so there aren’t any tactics involved, but the -135 community in general are extremely apprehensive when it comes to max performing the jet. I’m not some fighter wannabe trying to be hardcore in a tanker but for s sake we should be proficient in handling the jet. 135 can be a very difficult jet to land. Straight and level or left hand turns at .78 are what we do and not much else. 135 leadership put a huge focus on nuke missions. Quarterly tape testings and exercises will haunt you in between deployments. 

TDYs are good, I’ve been to sweet locations and some missions are satisfying- like aeroevac missions. Booms are very involved in flying and they’re great with backing you up. 

If you’re hard up on tankers, 135 is satisfying to fly. I may not be happy with the proficiency of -135 community in general, but the bros are great for the most part. Oh, and I’m not saying I’m some top gun. I’m not, and I wish our leadership focused more on flying so we can all be better.

MX are tired and undermanned- they can’t keep up with the aging fleet. Most OPS leaders don’t care to make waves with the MX because they’re trying to make rank. 

Btw, if you have ANY interest in fighters- put all your effort in tracking -38s. There is a huge difference in two communities and you probably won’t be happy being a tanker dude

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F-15E: Guy in front takes you to target, guy in back does everything else. Has cool toys and lots of ordnance but that's the only neat factor. 

F-16: Single seat multi role... so many roles... prob too many roles.  But single seat nonetheless. 

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