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The cycloplegic refraction was not done the way it would be done with an IFC I exam.  This is a refractive surgery application where they measure your cycloplegic refraction to BEST acuity, in this case 20/15.  During an IFC I we only go until you can see 20/20.  It should be at least 0.25 diopters and often 0.50 D to 0.75 D less than your manifest refraction.  Assuming no changes between this exam and your IFC I, your right eye meets criteria.  I would expect your left eye would come down from -3.50 to -3.00, but that's not a guarantee, however highly likely.  BTW- You would appear to be a very good refractive surgery candidate if your prescription is stable.

Thanks I am scheduled for PRK/LASIK surgery in Jan still deciding which one since I can do both. But I was thinking about putting it off if I qualify because of my age and UPT. I assume there is no waiver for the -3.00 limit??

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