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Found 1 result

  1. Gents, As I sit here from my whiskey fueled perch, pondering the state of the nation, and pissed that the pats didn't lose, I'd like to ask your opinion. What if someone was to run for office on the following premise, accountability. "You all voted in to office people who got this business, our government and country, into mass debt, and continued war spending, monetary, and physical." (it's cumbersome wording, whatever, you get it, human cost) Those elected representatives (for the most part) have not served, their children do not serve, their peers do not serve, they do not know the cost of war. In order to get our country to be a solvent business, and our representatives to know what it costs, we're raising taxes, and starting a draft" ------------------------------- Point being Congress, POTUS, the cabinet, do not know what war costs. We all do. The majority of this country does not. They haven't had to pay for what their representatives are voting for, and their representatives definitely haven't felt the pressure of the consequences of their actions. Those officials absolutely haven't had consequences regarding their words, whether in public, twitter, whatever. If our leaders are affecting the route of this country, they should have some skin in the game, not just ratings. Just interested. Accountability. That's it. PS: If you're going to pick apart any minutiae of the above, don't waste your time. Think big picture.