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Found 1 result

  1. The forum has been particularly active lately with several of the threads talking about the same, similar or tangents of the same topic: the current version of the Air Force is broken and getting worse. Symptoms of this are being discussed: pilot retention being abysmal, anecdotes of oblivious attitudes to operational support from different nonner shops, the somewhat desperate move(s) to change conditions outside of the AF or close off opportunities outside the AF to "encourage" retention, the threat of Stop Loss being publicly (if mistakenly) discussed and the indifference expressed by previous leadership, not really rebuked by current leadership, etc... If the AF is broken now, what would fix the current structure / concept or what would a new successful design / concept be? I'm not talking about what aircraft or systems but the structure itself, its philosophy, personnel organization, etc... We all know of or see the problem(s) with the Air Force as it is now but what should it be? Trying to return to a previous version won't work because the times and conditions that AF thrived in no longer exist, the form it is in now doesn't work evidenced by its recent problems of the last 15-20 years reaching a fevered pitch recently. so what should it change to? All the problems we have as officers and aviators with the shoe clerk AF are part of a larger organizational cultural problem, how do you fix that? Who the hell could do it? Someone in the AF or from outside? We can discuss the fact that it sucks the AF is in a deep stall below 500' AGL or we can discuss WTF can be done to recover the jet in the hope that someone on this forum might be in a position to do something about it... congressman and possibly others... or try to influence those that could. I'm not naive, this will take years if it even happens and it will not be just because of this one thread start in the august chambers of BO.net but you have to start somewhere...