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Found 5 results

  1. I am in a tough situation and would really appreciate any and all advice that I can get, so thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I got sponsored by a reserve unit for the June board this year. Went through MEPS, and submitted my paperwork requesting my FC1. My recruiter came back and said that I failed depth perception, got a "PASS C", and that I am DQ'ed, that there is no waiver, and that I am done and cannot be a pilot. I find this very hard to accept as I have devoted everything in the past few years to achieving this goal. Luckily my sponsoring unit has not dropped me, and they are asking around to see if there are any solutions. I have tried looking on the forums for an answer to this but can't find one. So my question is this, is there any way to get re-tested for depth perception? I understand that it is not waiverable if I truly do have a DP issue, but if I could get re-tested and achieve passing results, then what would happen? I am going to see a civilian optometrist as soon as possible, just to have my own answers and to see if I do have a DP issue or not. Once again, thanks for your time in helping to shed some advice on this for me, I appreciate it.
  2. I found this link and am a bit worried. I can see everything easiery with my eyes opened, sitting 36 inches from the screen in a dark room like they do with the actual test. When I close one eye it takes a second for my eyes to adjust then I can read the 80/90 lines fairly easily. The red ones are a little more difficult for me. Can anyone say whether this is easier/harder than the actual test? I got hired for a UPT slot with a guard unit and am taking my FC1 in a couple weeks and am worried about this portion of it. Thanks to everyone!
  3. Any flyers have experience with repeat rhabdo? I'm pending an MEB for it unfortunately with a Do Not Retain recommendation because the flight doc is saying I have the potential to be nondeployable to the sandbox because it's too hot. Does anyone have MEB success story related to rhabdo? Is it waiverable for a FC1/A physical should I be retained? 'Preciate it.
  4. What's the deal with wisdom teeth at WP for FC1? I have 3 impacted according to my civilian dentist and he suggests removing them. None of them are bothering me at all, but I read on here that wisdom teeth are no go for FC1 at Brooks. I'm guessing it's still the same at WP? I have my FC1 scheduled in two weeks which is not enough time to get them pulled. How long does it take for them to clear your FC1 after you get them removed?
  5. My FC1 physical is coming up soon and I have to submit a 2807 detailing my medical history. I was wondering if all surgeries reported will need the surgery report to go along with it. I had my adenoids out when I was a child at 8 and can get the paperwork if necessary, but not in time for the physical. I was wondering if that would be something they would request a surgical report on or if I should even report it/ avoid it on the form. An additional piece of data is this is on my FAA- FC3 physical form. I am not sure how in depth the doc's look at that or if they just look to see I have my FC3 cert and move on.
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