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Found 2 results

  1. Time for the US to leave NATO?

    This comes up from time to time but I thought this was a well reasoned article on exiting the alliance at the extreme of options or changing our participation in the alliance to associate member (as really a fail-safe and firewall against nuclear intimidation). http://nationalinterest.org/blog/the-skeptics/should-the-us-leave-nato-14534 Thoughts?
  2. Overseas PCS Questions

    Does anyone have any advice for a PCS to Europe as far as taking or not taking cars? I heard a rumor that some countries you can take full size vehicles, like trucks and such, and get a premium for them in sale/trade over there. Also does anyone know about how much it cost to take more than the one "allowed" vehicle? I would like to have two vehicles to make it a bit easier for my wife and I to get around when and where we need to. Thanks!