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  1. The VSP debacle is one of the less shocking things I've witnessed over the last several years.
  2. I'm glad to hear they have all the big issues ironed out before sending dudes down that path.
  3. A letter from the commander actually seems to carry some weight with the VA from what I've seen...It only needs to say something simple and to the effect of you'll be gainfully employed by the unit under Title 10 orders and that you've incurred a 10 year pilot training commitment, so you'll be around for a while.
  4. This happened a couple years ago, but a judge recently decided that the video could be made public. Link
  5. Huey, with the amount of retirements you guys have coming down the pipe in the next 10 years and considering how many dudes Delta and United are picking up, won't that put American a bit behind the hiring curve? Especially considering a lot of those Eagle flow-throughs aren't very young...
  6. My buddy just got interviewed and hired by a Legacy without his ATP; he had the written done, but that was it.
  7. That's when you come back over the top by telling them to copy down YOUR number. Only the number that you give them is actually the landline for your cantankerous alcoholic grandmother. It works. Were you flying as a civilian when they told you to call? How long ago was it?
  8. The only thing that will work for sure is a mandatory raper CBT every time a user logs on to a CAC enabled computer. People will be so busy doing the CBT, they won't have time to sexually assault anyone.
  9. Don't forget about this winner: Project MKUltra
  10. And so it begins...again.
  11. Brilliant tactic on their part. That Miscavige guy is a first class sociopath though.
  12. HBO has an excellent documentary on Scientology that's been airing regularly. Definitely worth watching. Going Clear
  13. Lt Col Grossman gave a presentation at an NRA meeting recently. The points he made are thought provoking as always, but the author's opinion is a bit painful to read. "Sandy Hook is just the beginning."
  14. Thanks for putting in all the work to keeping the forums going, dude. Rich would be proud.