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  1. I came across this article today...What's wrong with the Air Force? We don't have more leaders like Col Andrews. Link to article
  2. We lost a legend in the aviation community on Sunday. I believe Captain Al Haynes was the last surviving member of the flight crew that was aboard United 232 on 19 July 1989. Check Airman Denny Fitch passed away in May 2012. Godspeed, Captain Haynes. https://siouxcityjournal.com/multimedia/photos-look-backs-at-flight-through-the-years/collection_b0edddae-5428-5eff-b3a9-e747a548ecc3.html#17 https://siouxcityjournal.com/news/local/three-decades-after-flight-spencer-bailey----the/article_3208f16f-f01e-5ab6-9969-5a872a10c4c8.html https://whotv.com/2019/08/26/hero-captain-of-united-airlines-flight-232-dies/
  3. Huggy, are you saying that the DoD could do a markedly better job at managing its almost trillion dollar annual budget? Does anyone have the shocked Pikachu meme handy? Maybe I'm biased due to my own cynicism. I agree with you and Clark in theory. In practice, even if there were one or two Flags that wanted to make that happen, it's not enough to turn the ship around. It's like Chuck Spinney said, "You can't simultaneously have high tech tinker toys AND have a high operational tempo." To bring this full circle: What's wrong with us? We're bankrupt of leadership. The people making the decisions on our behalf need to account for the fact that historically, even with a lower budget than we've got today, we were able to keep dudes flying 5 days a week.
  4. Clark, it's a great idea in theory, but we have zero money for it. AFRC completely ran out of funding with almost two months left in the fiscal year...This trend will continue in perpetuity until one day we're bankrupt 1 month into a new fiscal year. The entire future of the USAF and its personnel has been mortgaged to a multi-decade unending conflict, the B-21, KC-46, and F-35. Management bought into the sales pitch from the contractors that all we need to win any future battle is just a few goldplated wonder machines, and future generations are footing the bill.
  5. The vector we've been on for the last two decades is a function of skin in the game or lack there of. Flag officers have the veneer of authority without any culpability. Goldfein had a tremendous opportunity to right the ship when he first took his post. He could have outlined his expectations to the all of us and said non-compliance will be addressed ruthlessly. After his first 3 months in office, he should've made unannounced visits to the 3 largest wings of AMC, ACC, and AETC respectively. Once it became obvious to him that the intent he issued was not being taken seriously, he should have fired the OG, WG/CC, and NAF/CC of each base. I have a sneaking suspicion when he came back for his next visit, things would look different at most wings. From there we could find creative ways to implement the optimum way to handle or completely jettison non-essential "training." It's nauseating to watch these Flags act like all of this is rocket surgery. The timidity that management exhibits when forced to make even the most benign decision is embarrassing...I don't have a lot of answers for how to fix our problems, but I know for sure that traipsing around in your Gulfstream just to tell your CGOs that your hands are tied is not what will stanch this gushing arterial wound.
  6. Boys, has anyone here had any success or messed with real estate crowdfunding? The research I've done has come up a bit short.
  7. Royal


    Any updates, Duck?
  8. I bet the real reason is that Emirates' pilots "are not provided the opportunity for meaningful leader development."
  9. Just a heads up, the new tax laws changed some rules on alimony deductions: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/under-trumps-tax-plan-divorces-are-about-to-get-a-lot-nastier-2017-11-03
  10. Fellas, anyone here gotten picked up by AA in the last year? Looking for some interview gouge.
  11. Reminds me when Larry got fatwa'ed: NSFW
  12. Duck, I'd release them now with your anticipated separation date; it doesn't hurt anything. If you find out you'll be getting out sooner, bump up your availability, like you said. Having them in the queue has no negative impact from what I've seen; it might even help, if there are items you need to correct on the app. Good luck.
  13. Thanks, man; I appreciate the insight. Exactly what I needed to know.
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