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  1. AZwildcat

    Future T-38 replacement?

    What is the obsession with clamshell canopies? Well at least we’ll have continuity with the T-6 for a canopy that’s finicky to close and a CFS that will melt your face if it goes off...but hey just leave it pinned right.
  2. AZwildcat

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    Not 100% on this but i beleive the intent is if the interview doesn’t go well or other circumstances make the U-2 not a good fit, they will go back into the assignment pool for any CAF assignment. More to follow. Should be interesting, and a great opportunity for the right person. U-2 reservists (and T-38 CTP) to me has always seemed like a no brainer, but it’s been tabled for all the years we were sunset. The gears are turning now, i think it will happen eventually. Especially if we have any hope of retaining talent and experience in this current climate.
  3. AZwildcat

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    If that's the experience at your base then great. I'm all about the squadrons getting the latitude and the funding to explore new ideas. We're doing that at Beale right now, and yes it takes up my time and energy, but I enjoy doing it and I'm not getting pressured from bosses to make it work with no resources so they can brag about it. However, what I've heard from others in AETC is that it really has become a full time job for some, and another look-at-me dick measuring project for leadership to show the bobs how innovative they are. Hacker is right we don't want the MAJCOM to provide a end to end solution, it's always a disaster (ref: EFB program). I've found the most successful technology initiatives happen when the pilot(s) with the good idea get the funding AND the ability to hire specialists to create and sustain it for them. It's not much different than all the other queepy jobs...who's a better front office admin or scheduler or UDM? They pilot who's there 40% of the time because they're flying/TDY/deployed or the civilian/contractor who sits there 8 hours a day and has perfect continuity? I'm supposed to be first and foremost a leader (or at least that's what the AF told me), so it makes no sense for me to be turning wrenches or screws on DIY projects. I should be hiring specialists to do that and providing the vision and direction for it. It's just like in business...Tim Cook isn't spending time running ethernet cables around the building or cutting the grass out front, because his time is worth more than that.
  4. AZwildcat

    T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    I think it's total bullshit that all this has been dumped in the lap of squadrons to do "self help" build-a-sim projects...however, I believe the concept of low cost accessible sims with VR/AR for visuals is great.
  5. AZwildcat

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    Because "All Day" Ray will take...All Day.
  6. AZwildcat

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

    Man I wonder if MB is gonna run out of ties. Glad they're okay. Gotta love the locals running out to help, God bless Texas.
  7. Again...lowering standards to cram more bodies through the pipeline each year. But none of these new pilots will be staying in past their 10 year point anyway, so statistically a shorter career means less exposure to losing an engine....besides who doesn't want a tie from martin baker.
  8. AZwildcat

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    That's the joke....ref Kaepernick Nike Ad
  9. FIFY. Yeah, of course we don't want them anywhere near it...I'm just pointing out the massive fail that is IT in the AF. If there was money on the line we'd have competent dedicated IT support who would make shit happen, and do it correctly...unfortunately this is the government so the people out there with skin in the game are the ones who have to take care of themselves. I've been through PIT twice, most recently a year ago, and it was a vastly different environment than the first time circa 2011. There were O-5s scheduling in the flights, 9-3 everyday, total good deal. Now not so much, you won't find an IP just sitting in the flight room, they're either flying, briefing, debriefing, or sitting ops sup/SOF...or they're attached staff....or most recently being the lowest paid AF IT techs making VR sims. Dudes are pulling 12 hr days, double/triple turning, and generally trying to keep the system alive and the product good. Is doing PIT at UPT bases doable...sure, but it still requires time, money, resources, and people. At the end of the day all this boils down to is the AF has and will continue to lower standards to make more pilots because that is what makes the spreadsheet turn green.
  10. My theory is that it all boils down to a generational issue with leadership. Our current senior leaders and fossilized bureaucracy didn't grow up with technology however they have been exposed it enough and have seen its benefits over the last 20 years. When it comes to the execution and what kind of skills and resources are required, they're clueless for the most part. They understand that they pay Lock Mart or NG or Boeing some astronomical amount of money and years later something magical appears on the battlefield This magical thing is proprietary and doesn't talk to anything else it wasn't paid to talk to. Pretty soon we need a new magical thing and so the cycle continues. They're just starting to figure out that the pace and quality of commercial industry has outpaced the defense industry and there's a LOT of things that can be done on the small scale with COTS tech and so the new word of the day is "Innovation"! Everybody innovate! Perfect example: Electronic Flight Bags. Let's use a tablet to replace paper FLIP...makes perfect sense. The tablet brings exponential capability to the cockpit vs. a paper FLIP book, but it also comes with exponential support requirements. It takes a couple airmen to order the FLIP, open the boxes, and stock in on a shelf. To support an EFB program, it takes hardware, it takes software, it takes management of said hardware and software, it takes a network infrastructure, and it takes smart skilled people to properly configure, deploy and sustain it all. And oh by the way the local comm squadron has/wants nothing to do with it...so fail there. I listened to Goldfien talk on the WarontheRocks podcast...he was raving about how we can use inexpensive off the shelf simulators to help pilots chairfly. I'm thinking to myself, dude we had this 10 years ago! A guy in my UPT class built his own T-38 sim in his house....and here we are just now figuring this out. Better late than never, but the bottom line IMHO is we're headed full speed ahead in a direction the Bobs don't understand, and the technical knowledge and support requirements for this "innovation" is more so than ever, and will require us as a service to rethink our IT model...putting IT specialists back in the units, shit canning NIPR, leveraging the cloud, putting contractors in place to execute the innovation at the direction of the green bags....that's how we'll be successful.
  11. The Bob's are banking on all this VR/Sim/P-mission innovation to cut down the number of sorties required to make a pilot or a UPT IP....but they recognize it's not going to get them to the magic number to "grow our way out of it"...I can't remember the figure, but well over 1K new pilots a year. The idea of another UPT base has been lingering for a while, and on the surface Randolph would make the most sense because the infrastructure is already in place. Still...i don't think the math works without buying more iron and hiring more help. There's only so much you can do on the ground. What really grinds my gears is all this balls to the wall talk about innovation and guess who's left holding the hammer to go execute...all the folks in flight suits. Go ahead and pin on your comm and contracting and cyber badges, if you didn't have them already. PIT dudes are skipping flying to work 12 hour days building VR sims and 360 videos...WTF
  12. AZwildcat

    Future T-38 replacement?

    Yup that's ACC's plan for now. As the T-X comes online, ACC will take over as lead command for the T-38. CTPs will get C models, ADAIR will absorb the remaining A models (They don't want C models b/c the performance is worse due to PMP...18 deg NL to sustain 5G). I don't think anyone at ACC really knows what the future of ADAIR will be. There's lots talk of contract ADAIR too. T-X seems like a fantastic platform for ADAIR...cheap, relative to F-22 or F-35 flight hours...can simulate just about anything you want on the avionics, so 5th gen guys could train to their respective platforms. But...I predict ACC will, as per usual, shoot themselves in the dick and not buy it. Let's get that contract or reserve CTP IP force going...get you back in the game! I love the A model...but she just needs some attention. At least we're putting up sunshades at Beale to stop them from baking in the sun. Not sure on the final cost of the MB seat...rough number I heard was $1 million / jet. At the end of the day though that seat has saved 4 dudes in the past year. Should've been 5 unfortunately. But that's the stupidity of it all...we'll spend all kinds of money on stupid shit, and then refuse to do simple things, like put in a seat armed light, or an ISS position light...or a speed brake light in the A model.
  13. AZwildcat

    Future T-38 replacement?

    T-X projected for IOC 2024, with IFF getting the first jets, followed by AETC....contract award was supposed to be June, then July, now it's almost September...we'll see. AETC has a real problem...the math doesn't work for them. Trying to grow their way out of a pilot shortage by upping production, while balancing hours on the C model fleet. The only answer is to cut the syllabus and fly less per student (aka lower standards), hoping that innovative things like VR training can make up the difference. With the A model, I don't know Huggy, I think we're starting to hit the exponential snowball of failing components sooner that the SPO projected. The MTBF is decreasing on lots of components, harder and harder to keep Code 1 jets on the line. They (the SPO) have a plan on phasing the A models in for something called the TRIM mod. Which is basically a light weight version of the Pacer Classic 3 mods on the C model to beef up the structure and extend their structural life. A models have never been cracked open, only x-ray'd and other NDI during phase, so we don't exactly know how bad they are from a structural standpoint. Gearbox issues are becoming a problem for the As too...and the other elephant in the room is avionics. We're laughable as an IFR platform. Not on track to meet the 2020 ADS-B either (like everyone else). Multiple jets down right now for HSI problems. Dual UHF radio is a joke. TACAN decommissioning all over the place, no ability to navigate point to point (Thank you Steve Jobs for iPads). Meanwhile NASA is upgrading their avionics...again. My time is being spent right now trying to convince the frozen middle at ACC that this is important and we need to spend a few dollars to make these things last for 10-15 more years.