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  1. Be nice to see the states get together and impose term limits and start using the 17th amendment by state legislators pick the two Senators from their state. That way they are answerable to their state house not their donors.
  2. Both parties are corrupt, our govt is bought and paid for and they don't give a shit about you.
  3. Well since one them died and the other one is a never Trumper, Billionaires hate grass root politicians from both parties. As soon as we get used we live in a oligarchy and stop giving a damn the scotch will taste better. Biden will screw over the progressives and dance to what ever Wall street wants.
  4. I believe we will see mass voter non participation in future elections. I'm 58 and finally understand that both political parties are clubs for the sole purpose of getting the made guys elected. It was never about public service, since the Biden's are now in power the big money donors will call all the shots to include military contractors. Those of you still in Afghanistan or on the hook for it, we will be probably be staying now. Back to the status quo , business as usual.
  5. I guess MX and Cop Sq's will comply also, but they were never issued morale anything to begin with. Old Soviet saying, hows the new boss? Same as the old boss.
  6. Being around for the start of the anthrax shots and the side effects that cost guys their careers and refusals that were followed up by judicial action. Don't even get me started with the stuff we got before the start of the Desert Storm. I would say be careful what you wish for.
  7. Never smoked, did long distance bicycle riding, played sq football,softball. Worked on the flightline but never ever passed a bike test. My buddy was 2 pack a day smoker and passed it every time. My last test before they canned it I drank black coffee and smoked cigars for a month and passed it, who knew. Before that the whole Sq would show up at the base track and run a mile and a half once a year. I think you had 15 minutes to complete it then you were good for the year.
  8. It seems AETC/PME/Formal instructors on the enlisted side seem to make it to the command chief billets, just saying.
  9. I figure they spent 4 years going Russia,Russia, Russia plus an impeachment , wouldn't it be fair to give them 3 weeks looking for voter fraud. Get used to perpetual war again Gents.
  10. When I left E-3's and before that VC-137's and started crewing KC-135A's the pilot insisted I tone down my formality and use first names. My first 135 TDY was to Volk Field and while I was getting the jet to bed I was shocked by the crew waiting for me with a cold beer, the AC was also the SQDO. On other airframes I have been left stranded by the crews. After my base closed they sent me back to Tinker and E-3's , one trip I had lav hose break and shower me in shit, the AC wanted me to fly 12 hours in my nasty uniform and not shower, so not to delay, the only time the whole crew intervened an
  11. Driving is a privilege not a right, the Government provides the infrastructure as in roads and bridges to grow economies and commerce. We to have follow the rules of the roads, if we continually violate the rules you lose your privilege. Does that stop you from driving, no, but the penalties of getting caught are severe. Just like our FAA issued Airmen certificates, it says "Qualified to Exercise the "Privileges" of a pilot or mechanic. If we fly drunk or sign off shoddy work we lose that privilege .
  12. Looks like a farmer is going to get paid for total crop loss, the fuel clean up will be expensive. Those soft furrows probably saved their lives.
  13. Just post docked a 57 model, it took a bunch of parts to get it to crew ready status. Still has some water injection tubing in it.
  14. https://defbrief.com/2020/10/01/us-firm-meta-aerospace-confirms-purchase-of-singaporean-kc-135-tankers/?fbclid=IwAR1uBwkHKD_t-nUms-SYxjpD3zmrCAQuIFKLkZJ3PCc4rMXb5Vy8sCZKDTU I wonder if they have contracts lined up, probably overseas getting allies over to Red Flag will be customers.
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