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  1. Prosuper

    Atlas 767 (Amazon livery) Down

    It sounds like a KC-135E that crashed on approach to Geilenkirchen, stab trim run away , left the rest of the remaining fleet looking for serviceable jackscrew units. 737 jurassics had a problem with its rudder going full deflection on approach causing a snap roll, later found that the power control unit fluid got so hot it caused it to lock up.
  2. Prosuper

    Owning stock in a marijuana farm...

    Damn, and I was thinking of growing hemp instead of corn
  3. Lots of WW2 USAAF /RAF bomber crews who bailed out over Germany got the same treatment from the locals before the Luftwaffe got to them. Probably the same with Japan, fire bombing pisses people off.
  4. Those harvest falcons were bad enough. I'm waiting when they give female recruits buzz cuts and the same physical requirements before I call it gender neutral.
  5. Prosuper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Is it just a additional duty? Don't the mx guys belong to the Wings AMXS sq and report to that SQCC and does the pilot still attached to a flying Sq?
  6. Prosuper

    Annual C-5 Nose-up

    With all the updates and the landing gear hydraulic system isn't one of them.
  7. Prosuper

    KC-46A Info

  8. Prosuper

    KC-46A Info

    Had to keep 2 KC-10's rapped up like that for months as we proofed the new RVSM upgrades. This what happens when finance guys design airplanes.
  9. Prosuper

    The Next President is...

    Anything we do for the Kurds is predicated by what the Turks can stomach. Even though they run northern Iraq more or less with anatomy the Turks always will be a threat to them and visa versa. During the Provide Comfort days we would have to abort our operations whenever Turkey turned off the JTIDS link. At what lengths did Mattis want to protect the Kurds, lock horns with the Turks and push Erdogen into the Russian camp?
  10. Prosuper

    The Next President is...

    We are more or less energy independent now with fracking technology bringing the break even price to a little better than $20 a barrel. The ME oil is east Asia's and Europe's customers now. If the Iranians and KSA lock horns and go after each others oil fields it will be the Chicoms job to get the oil flowing again. I find this video quite informative. BTW, the price for a gallon of gas in OKC is $1.77 give or take.
  11. Prosuper

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Plus all your mx folks got to do is fix jets, nothing else, no PME, no swing or mid shift, no weekend duty. They can have a family life and close the flightline down every other Wed for in house training. Contractors lube and wash the jets. All parts coming from the depots are good and jets don't ever break. Debriefs are professional between pilot and mechanic not officer vs enlisted. Sounds like the Civil air patrol.
  12. Prosuper

    Herk Down

    No it is not, the FAA has no authority here. We are set up in a Group with AMXS Sq's for each MDS. Standard USAF MX rules as per AFI 121-101. Backshop units are in a Commodities Sq. Buffoonery and Fuckery in abundance, some of us actually fix jets to so we can sleep at night. If these jets were at other contractors sights they would go by part 145 rules and have also a GFR (for tool control)and DCMA witnessing and signing after each critical phase of MX. But most of us have a Airframe and Powerplant certificate to at least get us a job. Was working the part 145 side for awhile but I prefer steady work and paychecks, chasing contract after contract gets old. But fret not there are scores of us who care about what we do and we know who doesn't, with the civil servant rules it takes ages to fire a employee.
  13. Prosuper

    Herk Down

    As an employee of the depot at Tinker. KC-135 Post dock, it would not break my heart to see those schmucks in the WRALC prop shop charged with manslaughter. If we were a part 145 MRO repair station they would. Now we are going through the usual knee jerk reaction from the 06 and above crowd putting QA on the war path on to make sure tech data is open to the page when doing a task. The whole USAF MX QA system is not equipped to prevent this. They are only there to assign blame after the fact and not equipped to prevent. They are used more or less as a administrative hammer by MX Sq CC's, they have been watered down to be safety cops and seen as the enemy to MX troops doing the job. We need to take a page from how a civilian part 145 repair station does it. Before I install a component I need a inspector there to ok it then I install then he witnesses the torques I use and we both sign off together. The ALC way is to have a mechanic take component, install, op check and sign off, it works if the mechanic has total integrity but some days we have good days and bad days . Second set of eyes is a must that does not answer to my supervision but has a good working relationship with the mechanic. Unfortunately those guys will be de-certified , retrained, and have a PE on the task. Maybe given 3 days off without pay. They will move supervisors around and QA will come into the shop to check if the tool box inventory is signed off , everybody is wearing safety gear correctly but not to slow down production. On my shift we have only 2 inspectors to cover 7 different weapons systems. The part 145 MRO has a couple per jet and we had them jumping from one job to the next.
  14. Prosuper

    Herk Down

    https://news.usni.org/2018/12/06/kc-130t-accident-report-video-reconstruction?fbclid=IwAR0zjb1jR6vRpCxKv2HWyd2k_NICJ307MoLRSO50AsJQjzh2dHlZBKGMG3c Had to be horrifying for the crew, this is brutal.
  15. Prosuper

    KC-130 and F/A-18 crash off Iwakuni

    This has been happening way too often all across military aviation. Just read about the KC-130T crash being a corroded prop that came apart.