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  1. Prosuper

    Space Force

    IMHO I will give a enlisted POV. Lets say you have a 15 year TIS MSgt who is the go to guy for whatever Sq he is in, for the sake of argument a Aircraft MX Sq since that is my background. He is great at making sure today's schedule has jets to full fill the contracted request from Ops. Deploys more than his fair share and works the crummy shift . His troops are trained and ready. Now this same NCO gets called into the E-9's office to discuss his future, gets berated for not taking part in the Top 4 activities, not being at the last 4 years Xmas parties (deployed), no bake sales, and only going to PME graduations if he has a troop graduating. No Senior Rater endorsement for you. You leave the office thinking that guy is a douche bag and why the hell would I ever want to be a Chief. Then your thinking its going to be a long 5 years . Now the USAF has this option of the WO program, its a no brainer.
  2. Prosuper

    NFL Ratings are Way Down

    I believe that my generation ,born 1963, are no longer enamored by the current generation of players. Maybe its because of today's social media and 24 hr news cycle, a player gets caught beating up his wife or committing a felony makes it hard to root for these guys on Sunday. For every Tim Tebow there are 20 Ray Carruths, the guy who murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Still love to watch the High Schools and college which still plays the game at its purest level. My favorite players were guys like Walter Payton, who even though played on some horrible teams they still gave us 100%. Todays generation grew up with much more choices for their entertainment money and time. The NFL will not close up shop but they have to think about the players, ask yourself would you want these guys living next door to you.
  3. I don't think TSA ever caught one terrorist and also their agents have been accused of over 400 counts of petty theft. But on the other hand they do catch a bunch of dumb asses trying to bring stuff on a jet that has no business on a jet. https://www.tsa.gov/blog/2016/01/21/tsa-2015-year-review
  4. Prosuper

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Whatever happened to the ideal giving pilots the choice of staying in the cockpit or going command track?
  5. Prosuper

    Future of E-8 JSTARS?

    707's are getting real hard to find parts for which the E-8 is, most of its parts especially engines and hydraulics are not compatible with the E-3 or E-6 jets. No a KC-135 is not the same. The only other fliers are Qtanker and the Iranians.
  6. Prosuper

    Space Force

  7. Prosuper

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    I find it tragic that this dolt was granted an appointment to West Point which in turn denied someone who loves their country the same appointment.
  8. Prosuper

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    Looking forward to new threads about Space force dudes complaining about commanders forcing guys to do PT tests when they return from space after a year. Earths 1g gravity turning his troops into jelly fish on the beach. Wing stand up power points all in red.
  9. Prosuper

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    So will there be enlisted in space or will it be just the domain of MIT types and Test pilots? So everybody who gets into space including the guy who fixes the plumbing be called a astronaut? Welcome aboard the Starship Enterprise with its crew of 4 rated guys and 600 duty pax.
  10. We can't even fly on a FCF to get a decent debrief on what is happening on a jet so we can fix it.
  11. Prosuper

    We’re doomed

    Hey! We had Jerry the AWACS mascot dog in Turkey, we found her as a pup in Adana when the runway was being redone at Incirlik. Smart dog always found a way to get out . If any of you guys did ONW you might have seen her.
  12. Maybe we should put all the blame on Bill Gates for having his minions for inventing the damn thing.
  13. Prosuper

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    So? Were the Navy guys impressed?
  14. Prosuper

    Gun Talk

    It begins ,former SCOTUS Justice Stevens thinks the Second Amendment should be rescinded .http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/03/27/john-paul-stevens-calls-repeal-second-amendment-and-gun-control