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  1. I've heard the E-3 model got destroyed in the wind tunnel
  2. We load them for OCF/FCF PDM Block 45 at Tinker still and service the escape spoiler bottle after we find and repair all the leaks. They only get filled every 5 years, Post FCF PDM ck. We recently were told to make sure to drain the bottle before the jet goes home, a young Airman who is not familiar with the system pulled down the chinning bar and knocked off the crew entry hatch and hurt a guy standing on the ground, only 2000 PSI.
  3. Peal off blow the escape spoiler , bail out, receiver goes north. It's a one way mission.
  4. When I did commercial MRO stuff we had a customer who's 737's NG's did not have winglets from the factory. We installed from kits they bought which was much cheaper than having Boeing do it. When if ever they start coming to Tinker for the scheduled C checks would be a good time to install them and keeping all costs in house.
  5. Just saying, one of those ghosted was a guest of President Obama in the Oval office, a policy change in the extreme.
  6. Since they have all the steely eyed missile men now does that make us the 2nd smartest branch of the armed forces?
  7. If a MSgt has a Capt taking out the garbage and he also views Airmen sitting on their ass not taking out the garbage , well from this MSgts perspective that will be the last time a Capt even looks at a garbage can and those Airmen would regret ever having a Capt take out the garbage. Now if it is in the Capt's room in billeting in a training environment and MSgt instructor is inspecting the room as part of the course then it is permissible.
  8. Make a deal with China, since they share a border with Afghanistan. We can get out quick and leave chaos and a power vacuum or let them take over piece meal. I'm sure they don't want a basket case on their border after they are trying to take economic advantage of the mineral wealth there.
  9. Scenario , if your illegally carrying your handgun in your daypack as you go to your workcenter . There is a mass shooter incident going on and you drop him and save many lives does leadership come down hard on you? I remember a Marine recruiting center was attacked and a Marine outside the center pulls his gun and kills the shooter, it put USMC leadership in uncomfortable spot. Is it better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6?
  10. Maybe at least Trump can tell the Crown Prince WTF are you doing instead of Dubya getting all of the Bin Laden family out of the states covertly. " Cmdr. Bill Gibson, the center’s officer in charge, said in 2017. "These relationships are truly a win-win for everyone involved."
  11. A sporty landing on a icy runway at ORD today.
  12. But isn't it the main purpose of having enlisted pilots that USAF can keep them in a flying job for the rest of their career unlike a commissioned ones who forced to do career expanding jobs preparing them for flag rank? How many enlisted to officer to pilot are actually selected, if selected and make it through the training are they selected for Major? Saw some prior E's go the route and get rifted which makes me think thanks for the training hello airlines then we come around to how do we solve the pilot shortage?
  13. Been reading things that some people that matter are rethinking the KC-10 retirement. In my little world we still have to produce 73 KC-135's a year from the PDM line at OCALC Tinker. They come in every 5 years and doing simple math 73 X 5= 365 which means no upcoming retirements soon plus the block 45's upgrades and unscheduled depot level maintenance inputs (UDLM). I won't be surprised if we start pulling some out of AMARC and take return of the 4 Singapore has stopped flying since they bought and now operational with the KC-47. The KC-135 is old but it works. Most jets get fuselage and upper wing reskin when here , that said a engineer told me it more or less zero times the fuselage. Food for thought.
  14. Is Erdogan just doing this to distract the populace in Turkey on how badly he has led the country? Also would we have gone to war against Turkey a NATO ally even though a sucky one at that to save the Syrian Kurds? We do still need free passage through the Bosphorus straits so the Navy can get into the Black Sea. Will Russians fly close air support for Syrians fighting against Turkish forces and screw up their S-300 deal? How long can the Turks fly their KC-135's, F-4's and F-16's without U.S. logistics?
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