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  1. Driving is a privilege not a right, the Government provides the infrastructure as in roads and bridges to grow economies and commerce. We to have follow the rules of the roads, if we continually violate the rules you lose your privilege. Does that stop you from driving, no, but the penalties of getting caught are severe. Just like our FAA issued Airmen certificates, it says "Qualified to Exercise the "Privileges" of a pilot or mechanic. If we fly drunk or sign off shoddy work we lose that privilege .
  2. Looks like a farmer is going to get paid for total crop loss, the fuel clean up will be expensive. Those soft furrows probably saved their lives.
  3. Just post docked a 57 model, it took a bunch of parts to get it to crew ready status. Still has some water injection tubing in it.
  4. https://defbrief.com/2020/10/01/us-firm-meta-aerospace-confirms-purchase-of-singaporean-kc-135-tankers/?fbclid=IwAR1uBwkHKD_t-nUms-SYxjpD3zmrCAQuIFKLkZJ3PCc4rMXb5Vy8sCZKDTU I wonder if they have contracts lined up, probably overseas getting allies over to Red Flag will be customers.
  5. And a Russian chick in Moscow with a govt job and a fat bank account also buddy buddy with Putin.
  6. An AFMC base in Oklahoma. An ACC unit that is a tenant.
  7. Doesn't surprise me, most base commanders hate having to spend money on maintenance of the aerodrome, had one thought it would be a good idea to get rid of the arresting cable gear and save a whole 100k a year and make fighters going cross country find another base to IFE at when they had no hydraulics. Another personalist making operational decisions.
  8. I wonder how many 135 Guard guys flying with the Airlines are getting phone calls from the new owners to go and get them. On Facebook there is a 135 MX page waiting word on who bought them to update their resumes. Being a fully qualified A&P 135 post dock guy at Tinker I have already gotten some emails about future employment. Tempting.
  9. https://www.scramble.nl/military-news/rsaf-stratotankers-get-third-lease-of-life, looks like a US operator has bought the Singaporean KC-135R MPRS birds and put N numbers on them. I wonder if the USAF will sell them parts or retrofit with civilian off the shelf parts. All -135 parts don't have FAA/PMA serviceable tags since they were never type 2 certificated. Logistics is provided by 2 level mx shops at the Depots. The RSAF probably had a huge stockpile of extra parts to go along with the deal.
  10. Prosuper

    A toast

    When AMC took over KC-135's they came out of nowhere and ordered all the A models retired even though some had a R model conversion date, I was at K.I. Sawyer when we sent some good jets to AMARC, some were taken out and sold to Turkey and Singapore and converted to R models. I wonder why the USAF museum don't have a KC-135A on display, we sent a few for gate guards to other bases. Got a bud who is a contractor at AMARC who gave the me word that my old jet was chopped up. 62-3555. It went to the boneyard with only 5 K write ups.
  11. Operating any type of KC platform has this big logistics problem. It needs large POL storage facilities. I have refueled KC-135's in bare bones facilities were the pump from the bladders to the jet was a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine hooked to a pump. So in a austere field that's not going to happen, if you have a large fuel dump and the bad guys know where it is wouldn't it be smart to keep in the rear with the gear. If forward one lucky hit destroys all plans. Sorry I'm just a MX guy, didn't the IJN during the attack on Pearl Harbor not even sniff around the POL facilities or subs. Wouldn't taking those two assets out have stopped us for at least a couple years.
  12. What is old is new again.
  13. Maybe its true if you qualify it, that's probably the biggest gathering of non Democrat voters in DC, a city that votes 99% Dem. When Reagan beat Mondale he carried everything except Minnesota and DC.
  14. And a must for any Alaskan.
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