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  1. Tank

    What's your favorite mission?

  2. Tank

    DoD Being Sued

    The DoD is the one place that is allowed to discriminate! Bad vision, flat feet, obese, health issues, too old, etc... sorry, can’t be in the US military. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/05/30/the-pentagon-is-being-sued-for-allegedly-discriminating-against-people-living-with-hiv/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=Socialflow&utm_medium=social
  3. Tank

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    Yes There are many other countries already flying the AC-208 (Iraq, Lebanon) and the Afghans are already at the controls of the A-29, so them flying the AC-208 isn’t that big of deal.
  4. Tank

    Afghan Caravan (208) 365

    A C-208 with AGM-114’s and possibly APKWS/unguided 2.75” rockets.
  5. Tank

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    And avoid parking fees at the airports and road tolls. Depending on where you live in TX (Houston for example), your MSM license plate could save you $500-$1000+ annually.
  6. Reminds me of this: https://sofrep.com/97473/dick-pic-six-the-7th-special-forces-group-sex-and-blackmail-network/
  7. Tank

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    I understand all feelings about this and I definitely agree about the license plates. If I did live in TX though, I’d probably have one of those plates just bc of the perks TX gives military vets. (Free parking at airports, free tolls, free access to parks, etc...). Those three alone can save you a lot of money just bc you have a stupid medal/decoration on your license plate.
  8. Tank

    Moody and the A-29

    A-29s are NOT for Special Operations Fighter Pilots. The 81FS at Moody, which is an AETC unit assigned to the 14 FTW at Columbus, flys A29s The 6SOS & 711SOS at Duke Field are the two Combat Aviation Advisor squadrons assigned to AFSOC. They do have 11F’s assigned to them also and do fly multiple aircraft, which include the A-29.
  9. Tank

    Emirates Short of Pilots

    Who gives a f*ck about Emirates. I want to hear about FEB’s and Court Martials!!!
  10. Tank

    Syria strikes underway

  11. Tank

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Duke is an excellent base! The 524th is an AFSOC unit on an AFMC base and both pretty much leaves everybody on Duke alone...
  12. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Name one fixed wing AFSOC aircraft that isn’t a prop... In reality, the Light Attack CONOP is being written as we speak at the AFSOC HQ level.
  13. Tank

    The new airline thread

    It really doesn’t matter in the long run. The left and the right are going to be pissed about something all the time and “boycott” something. When it comes down to it with air travel, the person will buy the cheapest and most advantageous ticket with no regard to the airline they’re flying on.
  14. Tank

    B-21 Raider

    Didn’t read through the entire list presented but I would have presented the name: B-21 Bomber McBombface