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  1. Tank

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    That’s probably because there are no actual weapons in AMC - hence why the Weapons Instructor Course in AMC is STUPID!! I forgot that we’re all warriors in today’s USAF though, so maybe I’m the stupid one...
  2. Tank

    The Next President is...

    🤦🏼‍♂️ This is hard to watch... https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/01/02/trump-cabinet-meeting-james-mattis-sot-vpx.cnn
  3. Tank

    New BAH rates are out.

    Luckily you’re grandfathered in the old rate...
  4. Tank

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    And black boots with the green bag!
  5. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2018/December 2018/Light-Attack-Basing-Deployment-Model-and-Command-Assignment-Determined-by-Size-of-Buy.aspx
  6. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Wrong again about not fighting (the CAAs don’t just fly SOF Mobility & ISR)... You are correct though in regards to the 6th getting LAA. The 6th LAA will only be used for CONUS training and those aircraft will not deploy.
  7. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Agreed... Not guchi: Last 5 years - Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Presently - Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia. Guchi: Panama, Peru, Thailand Lucky that there is no Al Udeid, Kabul, Bagram, Erbil, etc...
  8. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    “I think AFSOC still has no LAA by 2021” - your direct quote. The bet is a bottle of scotch that AFSOC will have LAA by 2021. The 6 SOS is in AFSOC, so technically the 6 SOS acquiring 1x LAA means AFSOC has LAA by 2021. I said nothing about an operational LAA squadron when you offered the bet that I accepted. AFSOC mission set 1 (#1 priority) is acquiring 3-5 LAA for the CAAs. AFSOC mission set 2 is all additive and that is SOF CAS. By by the way, “play fighting like CAA”? Do you even know what the CAA missions are? Directly fighting ISIS or Boko Haram in Lebanon or Nigeria or conducting unconventional warfare sure doesn’t sound like “play fighting” to me.
  9. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I win if AFSOC takes possession of 1x LA aircraft (6SOS, Combat Aviation Advisor, included). You win if AFSOC doesn’t. Easy bet!
  10. Tank

    Concealed Carry

    I wish all bases in a similar area would coordinate their base rules. Hurlburt and Eglin/Duke have differing rules set forth. You can carry on Hurlburt but not Eglin/Duke. Makes it really difficult if you must travel between them all during your duty day.
  11. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Wrong: AFSOC might be lead command soon because there’s not enough money in the FYDP to support an ACC buy. AFSOC doesn’t need as many LA to support their designated mission sets and the money in the FYDP will cover an entire AFSOC buy.
  12. - 3 bases - Big gun - Best CAS airframe
  13. Tank

    The new airline thread

    All immediate family fly for free but it’s similar to Space A. They are the lowest priority but the nice thing is that you can look at the flight loads, see the standbys/upgrades and determine the chances of getting on the flights. You do get discounted tickets for your carrier and you can purchase ZED fare tickets on other carriers (Space A on other carrier). There is no limit or quota. If you don’t attempt to fly during peak dates or hours, flying standby works pretty easy; you just need to be flexible.
  14. Tank

    Blue Skies and Tailwinds Hook

    I can’t believe that was Hook. My wife and I saw the plane laying there after the fact and had no idea it was him. I first met Hook when he was inquiring about my Reserve Squadron at Duke Field. Definitely a sad day...