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  1. C146 Wolfhound Info

    Duke is an excellent base! The 524th is an AFSOC unit on an AFMC base and both pretty much leaves everybody on Duke alone...
  2. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Name one fixed wing AFSOC aircraft that isn’t a prop... In reality, the Light Attack CONOP is being written as we speak at the AFSOC HQ level.
  3. The new airline thread

    It really doesn’t matter in the long run. The left and the right are going to be pissed about something all the time and “boycott” something. When it comes down to it with air travel, the person will buy the cheapest and most advantageous ticket with no regard to the airline they’re flying on.
  4. B-21 Raider

    Didn’t read through the entire list presented but I would have presented the name: B-21 Bomber McBombface
  5. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2018/February 2018/USAFs-Five-Year-Plan-Includes-24-Billion-to-Procure-Light-Attack-Aircraft.aspx
  6. The new airline thread

    When I sat reserve in DC, I was never called; not once in 4 months! Now I’m sitting in Houston, I’ve broke guarantee almost every month. I’m on the Airbus (319/320), so it all depends on airframe & base.
  7. SNL Call Sign Skit

    NUGPOT was our FNG’s callsigns back in the day after we were required to change them from Donkey Punch, Dirty Sanchez, Rusty Trombone, etc... FNG was too boring and FUNGUS was already being used by the other squadron.
  8. The new airline thread

    Nope, not self inflicted based on aircraft but based on domecile. There is only one domecile that is a single leg commute from my home and unfornately that domecile has become the most senior for the company. So, I could do a double commute to a line or a much easier single commute to reserve. Commuting sucks but to have to suck up a double commute is not in my plans.
  9. The new airline thread

    Thank you. I do have a job at one of the Big 3 but the benefits for me taking AGR is that I’m in the most senior base, currently 5 from the bottom and can only hold reserve (I’m in year 3 currently). The company is supposed to ramp up hiring and I’m hoping they start growing my base so that I can be a line holder. Also to note, the base I’m in is the only single leg commutable base from where I live. It’d also be nice to get to my 20 so that I can retire and only have 1 full time job because it seems to me that AFRC has become AD light and I put in a lot of time at my squadron. First things first though, I have to see the outcome of my MEB when that time comes.
  10. LOD already approved by AFRC and just applied for 180 days of MEDCON to cover my surgery and rehab time. Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I appreciate the help. I’m thinking the same thing that they’ll find me fit, especially considering the pilot shortage right now. I would have never thought of a medical retirement if it wasn’t for the ortho doc talking to me about it. That’s why I asked the questions I did because I’m not smart on it.
  12. The hip was not caused in a combat zone but was made worse, which is now the reason for the surgery, while in a combat zone. I would be able to keep both medical retirement and VA pay as long as I have above 50% total VA Disability correct? I know it’s that way with actual retirement but not sure in regards to medical retirement. Anybody smart on this?
  13. The new airline thread

    You’re correct. My plan was always to apply for AGR this summer/fall. My squadron currently does not have AGR but we are receiving them. You're also right in the fact that I asked about medical retirement vs 20 year military retirement. I like to have knowledge on all my options and be in the know so that I’m not surprised by something unexpected. I think it’s funny that you think you know me and think you’re smart in calling me out just because I asked a question about retirement and stated my opinion/plan about AGR. Keep fighting the good fight... okay.
  14. The new airline thread

    I’m a 15.5 (points) year O-5 in the Reserves and in year 3 at my airline where I’m a commuter. I’m planning on applying for AGR in my Reserve unit. It gives me an opportunity to fly a new plane, gets me closer to my 20, allows my airline to unf**k their fleet plan and I get to watch my seniority grow. I understand I’ll start losing money over the long run being AGR but in my opinion, the other benefits outweigh the money lost. To each their own...