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  1. I’m thinking this is a stupid move by Nike but you never know anymore in today’s f**ked up world. Update from Nike: “We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF," Nike said in a statement. "Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them." https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2021/03/27/lil-nas-x-nike-satan-shoes-music-video-montero-music-video-hell/?fbclid=IwAR01w5fDOQoF8xZwTns0eFueFt4phPMcQgYMa2IOzP97zYrnZ-zpIRW3lMY
  2. Over/under on the percentage who still refuse to get the vaccine claiming it’s not FDA approved or it’s an unlawful order or for religious reasons, or other reasons... I am going to go low at 15%
  3. Unless you signed a contract with Company X and you’re under contract when you leave them for Company Y, there should be no legal recourse. USERRA is there to protect the individual, not the company. You see this a lot in the airline industry. Fly’s for a Company, goes on military orders and is USERRA protected but never goes back to the Company for whatever reason. No formal recourse against the individual.
  4. Make sure you get paid for calling in (UTA, AT, GFTP). Nothing is done for free to include calling in to a “mandatory” class! If it’s required, then you’re required to be on a status and get paid!!
  5. Let me ask all of you are who talking and arguing about the pregnant flight suit: What’s it f**king matter?!? I can almost guarantee that none of you are females, so you’ll never have to wear this flight suit. You all are arguing over something that literally doesn’t affect you! If anything, it is showing progression in the USAF and I’m hoping that will translate to some changes for the males (I.e. beards). But hey, if sounding like a bunch of arguing teenagers from UC Berkeley is your thing, then keep it up....
  6. Is this a conservative vs. liberal argument or a vax vs. anti-vax argument? I am a registered Republican but vote across party lines and only vote for who I think is the best candidate. I also could care less if you or anybody else believe in vaccines or are anti-vax. I could give a rats ass about the FDA as an agency. My argument is that every vaccine and shot we take in the military has been clinically tested and FDA approved. Even still, people bitch about the anthrax and small pox shots and bitch about having to take them. So why now the big push for a vaccine that has not b
  7. Take a vaccine that is 95% effective for a virus that has a 99% survivability rate? Take a chance on a vaccine with possible long-term implications on my already healthy body and lifestyle? Take a chance on a vaccine that, if I had implications, could cause me to not be able to pass my annual flight physical or keep my FAA Class 1 medical? Again, until it is FDA certified with more testing and there are more options for the vaccine, I’ll wait...
  8. I’m not a political blowhard refusing it out of spite. I just don’t want to put something in my body until it’s FDA approved and been clinically proven. I have seen friends and family of mine who were perfectly healthy have side effects from the vaccine (one is a professional mountain biker and she has had equilibrium problems and “brain fog” since the injection over one month ago). So why would I inject myself with something that could cause me problems?
  9. Nancy, Chuck and Kamala...
  10. The best is when it gets kicked back 6-9 times and you have to fix one minor problem every time. Then when you fix the problem it has to go through the entire approval process all over again to then just get kicked back by the final approver again. Rinse and repeat for eFinance also on the AFRC side...
  11. I am presently on a 80 day deployment where I am having to travel around the AOR and am staying in three different countries. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the COVID vaccine or not and everyplace is different with their quarantine restrictions. For my 80 days gone, I’ll be quarantined for a total of 31 days and that is all because of the host nation restrictions (10 days in the first, 14 days in the second, 7 days in the third). Yes, you read that correctly; almost 40% of my deployment will be in quarantine...
  12. Totally agree! I’m just quoting what people have told me on why they fly the flag. I’ve actually seen rebel flags with “It’s Not Hate, it’s Heritage” and “Southern Pride” and “Sons of the Confederacy” and probably the most stupid, “The South Will Rise Again” stitched on to them. The only flag I fly and have ever flown is the flag of the United States!
  13. Thoughts? I personally hope he fades away from politics but this would be crazier than Springer in the 90’s!
  14. That’s the thing, I have seen the rebel flag flown by both black and white people. Is it still considered a symbol of hate if a rebel flag is on a the truck being driven by a black person? I had a black guy in my squadron from TX who drove a big ass F-250 with 6” lift, 35” tires and the back window was covered by a rebel flag sticker. Still considered a hate symbol? Again, I’m not defending it and I probably am being dismissive about it because it doesn’t affect me like it does some people. I never grew up around it and it really wasn’t until I was stationed in MS that it became
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