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  1. Tank

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You mean there’s none of this near Laughlin?
  2. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    What are you two smoking because I want some? Place it in an austere location (Cannon)? How would you build a sustainable cadre for the future in an austere location? That will not help with USAF retention or be TFI sustainable with AFRC. There’s a reason why the 2 SOS is located at Hurlburt and why there is no AFRC squadron at Cannon. There are already a bunch of “steely eyed killers” at Hurlburt and Duke that can and will hack the mission.
  3. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    There’s a plan in place to man the LA. Remember, the first 5 aircraft will be going to the CAAs for training purposes and not necessarily a SOF CAS squadron.
  4. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    6-9 of those are in the AFRC 919th SOW, so they’ll be around a little longer than their AD counterparts.
  5. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Between the AFRC and AD = 10-15
  6. Tank

    The new airline thread

    Or if you’re close to your 20 year retirement and only want to work one job is another motivator to drop long term mil leave. Only working 2 weeks out of the month and not having to worry about your AFRC/ANG job during your time off sounds great!
  7. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Yes, the current plan is to use past 11F pilots currently in AFSOC as the initial cadre and cross-train AFSOC 11S pilots and 12F CSO’s to them.
  8. Tank

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Some questions: 1.) Do you live near Duke? 2.) Are you already in the military / pilot? If the answer to both is yes , stop in the squadron and see them in person. If the answer is no to #1 and yes to #2, get on the global and call or email them. If the answer is no to both, then you’re probably SOL.
  9. Tank

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    Google is a wonderful thing... https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/467729/c-146a-wolfhound/ http://www.americanspecialops.com/usaf-special-operations/intra-theater-aircraft/ https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/c-146a-wolfhound-transport-aircraft/ As for contact info, look up 859 SOS at Eglin on the global and start calling or emailing... It’s that simple!
  10. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Currently no Advanced Advisors in AFSOC. AETC has the 81FS.
  11. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The authorities granted to the pilots in regards to flying in combat with the PN personnel and the amount of training they both receive. CAAs receive more specialized training and can be granted the authority to fly combat sorties in the PN aircraft with their PN counterpart.
  12. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    SOCOM wants to fix it, just not pay for it...
  13. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Also true... There’s a capability gap that LA can fill in AFSOC. SOCOM & AFSOC leadership both know it. Hopefully Big Blue doesn’t f**k it up!
  14. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    The AC mafia may not like or want Light Attack but the GO’s running AFSOC do. AFSOC Light Attack mission set 1 is for Combat Aviation Advisor training, 2 is for AFSOC CAS, 3 is for AFSOC Advanced Advisors.
  15. Tank

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Without going into the exact reasons why; SOCOM needs this capability and AFSOC wants this capability.